Monday, November 22, 2010

For Channon Christian: Photo Video and Material on the Knoxville Horror



Thanks to FarragutAlumni, who incredibly posted this video to youtube on January 9, 2007, a mere day after Knoxville Police Department Investigator Todd Childress found Channon Christian’s corpse stuffed in a garbage can in the house on Chipman Street.

Channon Christian was a Farragut High School alumna. Her old classmates, despite being wracked with grief, pooled their many pictures of her, and created this touching video, in order to ensure that she would not be forgotten.

Material on the Knoxville Horror
(The Carjacking-Kidnapping-Gangrapes-Torture-Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom)
By Nicholas Stix

Unless stated otherwise, all material was written by yours truly. Since local media outlets have variously published and broadcast over 1000 stories on this case, I do not pretend to be offering the reader a complete list, although I could probably compile a list of all of the KH stories from national media organs in less than an hour.

1. “The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up,” American Renaissance, May 14, 2007.

2. “Shame on You, Michelle Malkin! A Republican Diva, Journalistic Ethics, and the Knoxville Horror,” May 17, 2007, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored (hereafter, “NSU”).

3. “Another Michelle Malkin Stooge Gets the Knoxville Horror Story Wrong,” May 18, 2007, NSU.

4. “Knoxville Horror Trial Dates Set for One Year from Now; MSM ‘Discovers’ Four-Month-Old Case,” May 19, 2007, NSU.

5. “Undercover Black Man: Svengali Media of Knoxville Horror Notoriety a ‘Hoax Site,’” May 20, 2007, NSU.

6. “Knoxville Horror: Trial Dates Set; MSM ‘Discovers’ Case; Bloggers Continue Spreading Rumors,” May 21, 2007, NSU.

7. “Credbility SUNsets: Dave Lucas, the New York Sun, and the Knoxville Horror,” May 25, 2007, NSU.

8. “The Knoxville Horror: The crime and the media blackout,” July 2007, American Renaissance.

9. “Hunting Fugitives is No Job for Tommy Lee Jones: An Interview with Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rich Knighten,” July 6, 2007, NSU.

10. “The White Supremacist, the Jew, and the Knoxville Horror,” October 26, 2007, NSU:

Alex Linder Interview Transcript I, April 6, 2007;

Alex Linder Interview Transcript II, June 7, 2007;

Alex Linder Interview III Transcript, June 27, 2007.

11. “The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, the Media, and ‘Anti-Racism,’” October 31, 2007, VDARE.

12. “White Supremacy and Plagiarism at CNN,” January 18, 2008, NSU.

13. “The Knoxville Horror Never Happened, and There are No Marxists, Says Reader,” January 19, 2008, NSU.

14. “The First Knoxville Horror Trial: The Accessory and the Girlfriend,” May 14, 2008, VDARE.

15. “Channon Christian’s Ordeal: Knoxville Horror Torture Testimony,” May 15, 2008, VDARE.

16. “De-Policing and the Knoxville Horror,” May 17, 2008, VDARE.

17. “Justice Delayed In Knoxville–but Why?,” May 30, 2008, VDARE.

18. “Conclusion of First Knoxville Horror Trial Shows Legal System Under Stress,” October 25, 2008, VDARE.

19. “Knoxville Horror Prosecutions Spinning Out of Control?,” March 28, 2009, VDARE.

20. “Letalvis Cobbins Convicted of 33 Charges, Including First Degree Murder, Aggravated Rape, in First Knoxville Horror Murder Trial,” August 26, 2009, NSU.

21. “Longtime Black Reader Disagrees with My Blog on the Conviction of Knoxville Horror Rapist-Murderer Letalvis Cobbins,” August 27, 2009, NSU.
22. “In First Knoxville Horror Murder Trial, Racist Black Jurors and Devious White Judge Spare Letalvis Cobbins,” August 29, 2009, NSU.

23. “Diversity is Strength! It’s also…Minority Jury Nullification,” VDARE, October 1, 2009. (Letalvis Cobbins Trial.)

24. “One Knoxville Horror Perp Sentenced to Death—But the Time-Bomb is Ticking,” VDARE, November 3, 2009. (Lemaricus Davidson trial.)

25. “Vanessa Coleman Sentenced to 53 Years in Prison for Her Participation in the Knoxville Horror Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders,” NSU, August 2, 2010.

The Knoxville News Sentinel’s KH Archive.

Documents, Interrogation Videos, and Transcripts


Anonymous said...

Next year, there are hearings on motions for a new trial for each defendant:

Cobbins 1/28, Davidson 2/19, Thomas 3/25, and Coleman 5/27.

A former LA prosecutor told me after the Cobbins verdict that the silver lining in him receiving "LWOP" is that it was unlikely to be overturned by the appellate courts. A death sentence would have been scrutinized more critically.

Cobbins had a 50% black jury and testified. This also is supposed to make a verdict stand up on appeal. I believe this was Judge Baumgartner's motive in going to Nashville for two of the juries, preventing an appeal resulting in another trial.

I plan on attending the Davidson hearing on February 19. His attorneys have been playing every angle so far.

This was the biggest crime story ever in Knox County and received enormous local coverage. Except for a taped replay of the Cobbins trial on Tru TV's In Session, what little national coverage was solely to claim that it wasn't newsworthy enough to be a national story, and that "there was no evidence the crime was racially motivated."

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I cannot help but become enraged every single time I read about this case.These young people did not deserve this and the MSM whitewash(blackwash?) is shudderingly nauseating.When justice fails vengeance must be sought,the fact that all participants did not receive the death penalty is absurd.I pray that an AB or Dirty White Boy presence is strong in Tennessee so the justice these cowardly pigs escaped in the courtroom can be meted out inside.

Nicholas said...


Meanwhile, as you pointed out, that similar case in CT, in which the rapist-killers were white is somehow incredibly newsworthy. Please pardon me for not getting around to talk about that yet.

The only possible positive re Coleman is that if she were to get a new trial, she would run the risk of getting convicted for murder, the way she ought to have, in the first place.

As sweet as that sounds, I'd rather pass, since there is also the risk of her getting acquitted of all charges.

Nicholas said...


I hear you. And as bad as the KH case is, there may be thousands of whites who have endured equally grisly fates.

And if things continue at this rate, KH cases will soon be occuring several times a day around the country.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical case of drinking the "college kool-aid" and ignoring reality. UNLESS the WM victim had been procedurally disqualified, at 23 years old, he WAS statue eligible to carry a handgun (concealed) with a Tenn. firearms license. He had a responsibility to protect himself and his girlfriend. He, especially, should have been armed with his firearm and the knowledge of tenn. HB 1907, and when attacked, should have responded with deadly force as prescribed under Tennessee LAW. Tragedy yes, but preventable. I don't make excuses for apathetic people who fail to recognize the dangers of the sicko society we live in. Don't die without a fight. The Tenn. legislators graciously passed a law allowing victims to legally defend themselves BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I came into this world kicking and screaming and covered in someone else's blood and I have no problem leaving the same way. For God's sake people fight back..