Monday, November 01, 2010

Black Racism in Charlottesville, Virginia: A Video



From Fifth District Watchdog.

Unfortunately, the folks being cursed, threatened, and having their property vandalized refer to the racists merely as “Tom Periello supoporters,” Obama supporters,” etc., instead of more accurately, as black racists. And one of the whites being threatened says, “We’re not racists,” instead of going on the offensive. And no one dares defend their property and person, and in the first video, the police come along, but so nothing. In the second installment, a police officer does intercede with the black racist. I think the cop may have been black. So, does that mean that the worthless cops in the squad car during the first incident were white?

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Anonymous said...

That was remarkably like a Jane Goodall documentary.

But the guy is right, let's be honest- "cut government spending" means "deprive many black people of their cushy, high paying jobs with extenxive benefits and big pensions, when they aren't capable of or qualified to do anything else and can't make anywhere near as much money, if they can get a job at all, anywhere else".