Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ever Asked a TSA Agent to Explain Herself, or Shown Displeasure at being Humiliated by One? Prepare for a Life Sentence on the TSA

Passengers-to-be-Terrorized “Watchlist”
By The Young Turks

A tip o’ the hat to Stuff Black People Don’t Like.


Anonymous said...

These Young Turks are Liberal idiots, just the sort who favor watch lists on "haters" and crucifying anyone who makes a politically incorrect stumble no matter how innocuous. There's a lot of people critical of the TSA, surely you could have come up with someone better to comment on it than this moron. This guy is brain dead, his stupidity is breathtaking, it's a crime to give him positive publicity. Watch this, if you can stomach it:

Nicholas said...

Oh, well.

(And someone needs to tell that girl to cover those NFL linebacker-sized shoulders!)

I copied and pasted the link you provided, and forced myself to sit through the ad and 1:34 out of 5:01, even though at 0:20, it was clear what was coming.

You're right, but I refuse to take responsibility for this blunder. It's all the fault of those damned liberals at Stuff Black People Don't Like, which is where I found the damned thing.

No mea culpa, he-a culpa!

Anonymous said...

The person behind sbpdl is no liberal. It is obviosly someone highly intelligent that created a web site few people understand. I'd say it's one of the top right wing, pro- white sites on the internet.