Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tim Wise: Jew or Gentile?

By Nicholas Stix
Updated on Thursday, June 1, 2017, at 6:35 p.m.

Tim Wise represents himself to be a Jew. However, since he was born to a gentile mother, and he has not formally converted to Judaism, under Jewish law, he is not a Jew. Since Nazism considers the children of Jewish fathers and gentile mothers Jews, Wise can only believe himself to be a Jew, if he’s a Nazi.

(Such cases, in which the parents had married after the 1935 Nuremberg Laws forbidding such unions, were considered “Geltungsjuden,” “legally valid Jews.”)


Blacked Out said...

Don’t expect anyone in Atlanta to worry much that Tim Wise will be in town tomorrow to spew his toxic and virulent anti White hate speech, paid for by Georgia’s White Taxpayers.

Atlanta’s White Humanity is so cowering that it actually embraces Diversity, and they probably would worry most if Tim Wise wasn’t coming.

"Yes, I'm glad that Ga Tech is having their Diversity Week, but shouldn't we be concerned that it only lasts one week and not all semester? And Tim Wise will be here for only one engagement. That is cause for grave concern. He should be here on a regular basis and leading mandatory anti racism seminars for the all White fraternities and sororities who have never shown a commitment to Diversity. We have much more work to do, and Tim Wise is the right man to help us begin the healing as we address our unfinished business."

Atlanta Whites put Obama stickers on their cars, not as a cynical deception, but because they really do consider being ruled nationally by KenyaObamaVoodoo as “historic social progress,” and it helps them psychologically compensate themselves for willingly living in a city ruled by corrupt, indolent, and vindictive blacks. Atlanta’s Whites are miserable, and they even consider their fragile condition as Progress, or Equality, or Restorative Justice, or “Vibrant, Safe, Diverse,” or the right thing to do, or our pressing forward with our unfinished business, or increasing the intensity, or compassion, or kindness, or helping the less fortunate, or sharing the sacrifice so the underprivileged can have their chance, or overcoming our shameful and racist past, etc. until oblivion...

Never trust an Atlanta Whitey to be a Race Realist. They wouldn’t live in Atlanta if they were. Former Atlanta residents are Race Realists.

But on occasion, you get a glimmer of hope, such as when you meet a White nursing intern from Emory who has just spent her first week at the very urban, very pathological, very blackness Grady Hospital: "I wasn't a racist before I came to work here."

My heart sang for joy when I heard that!

2010 Diversity Week Keynote: Tim Wise

Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States. Wise has spoken in 49 states, on more than 600 college campuses, and to community groups across the nation. He is the author of five books, including his latest, “Colorblind: The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity.”

Sherwoodian said...

Time Wise compliments Sewanee students for not asking “challenging questions.”

Sewanee costs White parents $46,000 per year. (The Diversity all get free ride scholarships in effort to increase Sewanee's much needed Diversity.)

For that $46,000 x four years, White parents can be assured that their White children are learning to:

1. Never ask a challenging question when encountering a University sponsored anti White hatemonger on campus with a question such as, “What faith do you have in the blacks such that if we rid society of White privilege and social inequality by lowering ourselves down to their level that they will not keep pulling us down even further?”

2. Never even think to challenge anti White hatred, because it is now the normal, accepted, expected, mainstream attitude on college campuses and in any corporation or institution that hosts Diversity speakers and hires Officers of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

“As it turns out, about 400 people came to my talk at Sewanee (also known as the University of the South) — an incredibly conservative campus — and none caused trouble or even asked a challenging question.

In that case, Sewanee should no longer be allowed the reputation as "conservative." It now should be called " extremely liberal and dangerously radical."

Maybe the $46,000 is money well spent. White college students will graduate from Sewanee knowing how to keep their mouths shut and will therefore not be targeted for career oppression and marginalization by the Diversity Enforcers and the new, rising Multicultural Elite who embrace their own unearned Diversity Privilege while punishing high achieving and meritorious Whites.

Students who speak up and ask the "challenging questions" will be targeted as "potentially dangerous extremists who need watching, and certainly are still holding onto unacknowledged and outdated biases, and possibly are real racists who retain a shameful nostalgia for the 'innocence and purity' of Jim Crow segregation."

Anonymous said...

Hebe,kike and red sea pedestrian.

Russ said...

Actually, if Israel Shahak can be believed, Halakhah defines a Jew as someone who converts to Judaism or someone whose mother's, mother's, mother's mother was a Jew. Which basically means that no one is actually a Jew.

The truth is that being a Jew is like being a member of any other identity group - you are one if you believe you are one and others who identify as such believe you are one. By this definition Tim Wise is definitely a Jew.

Also, others have the right to define people as well. Based on his behavior and world view White Nationalists would definitely define Wise (and you Nick) as Jews, so for our purposes, you are.

Randall said...

Actually, according to Wise's post 2010 election rant, he's only one quarter Jewish on his father's side. It's his paternal grandfather, who owned some liquor stores in Nashville's black neighborhoods, who was Jewish. So he doesn't even qualify by the Reform definition. My guess is he identifies as Jewish for some sort of victim cred.

Nicholas Stix said...

Blacked Out,

I laughed the first time I read your essay, and I just laughed again, the second time. Woulda laughed louder, but it's been a long week, and I'm ready for a nap, before pounding out some work tonight.

I'm just glad I don't have to compete with you on a regular basis.

Godwin said...

This post seems to be oblivious of the racial view of Jewishness.
It’s very simple: Tim Wise is RACIALLY one quarter Jewish; and his activism tends to indicate that he identifies more strongly with his Jewish side than his Gentile side.
Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Can we please not be so elitist about Jewish identity? Please? Maybe calm down, just a little?

My family is Jewish, I was raised Jewish, I had a Bat Mitzvah (and survived and everything), I observe the holidays and I am active in my campus Hillel group.

My mother is not Jewish. Yes, I'm pretty sure my Dad is my biological father. Whatever doubts you have about your mother are really for you should work out on your own.

I still call myself Jewish. This doesn't somehow make me a Nazi. I mean, I'm not the one obsessing over bloodlines and ethnicity -- that's all you, buddy.

I'm reform (the rules are different) and while Judaism is important to me I never felt the need to formally convert.

Certainly not so that you can decide I'm Jewish enough.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous Gentile, Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 11:21:00 P.M. EDT

You calm down. Don’t tell anyone else to calm down.

I’m elitist, in that I insist that 2 + 2 = 4.

Words have meanings. Things in the world have meanings. Your family is not Jewish, you weren’t raised Jewish, and you did not have a Bat Mitzvah.

“Whatever doubts you have about your mother are really for you should work out on your own.”

That statement was as much out of leftfield as everything else you said.

You are apparently part of a world of frauds, who all seem to be whites living in First-World countries, who think that they and their allies (but not everyone in general) can call themselves anything they wish (except for black), reality be damned—men who call themselves women, women who call themselves men, and now, gentiles who call themselves Jews, etc.

You’re not a Jew—stop deceiving people.

Cathy said...

Hey Nicholas. There is a broken link in your blog post. You are linking to, but that page no longer works. Here is a working version

Nicholas said...

Done. Thanks a bunch, Cathy!