Friday, November 19, 2010

Lauren Burk Murder Trial: Lockhart Guilty

Lauren Burke, murdered at a mere 18 years of age by Courtney Lockhart, after she had fought off his attempted rape.

By David in TN

Courtney Lockhart was found guilty of capital murder today in the death of Lauren Burk. The eight men and four women took six-and-a-half hours to reach the verdict. They asked the judge to define "intent" and to see Lockhart’s full confession video a second time, before reaching a verdict.

Miss Burk was found naked and dying after being shot in the back four miles from the Auburn campus. The judge explained that intent was the key issue as to whether Lockhart could be found guilty of capital murder, where the death penalty could be given, or felony murder, which would spare Lockhart’s life.


Twenty-six-year-old murderer and attempted rapist, Courtney Lockhart.
The sentencing phase will begin immediately. Death or “life without parole” are the two options.

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