Monday, October 25, 2021

Why is America Financing the chinese War Machine?

By N.S.
Why is America Financing the chinese War Machine?


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
"Climate change" not only drives speculative wealth creation, it has another purpose in justifying the mass migration of turd worlders into the 1st world:

From the article:

Extreme weather events and conflict are the top two drivers of forced displacement globally, together responsible for the annual movement of nearly 30 million people from their homes. There is a strong correlation between countries and regions most vulnerable to climate change and those that are fragile and/or experiencing conflict or violence. Climate-related impacts may further stress vulnerable communities, increasing the risk of conflict and displacement in the absence of effective prevention efforts, and vice versa. Climate-related impacts also pose an increased risk to marginalized communities displaced by conflict related to the impacts of climate change. This risk is more acute in regions with weak governance and dispute resolution infrastructure, and in growing peri-urban areas where many migrants are heading.

The report argues for increased numbers of immigrants being allowed to come into the United States and makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

Surging irregular migration flows to the United States have increased domestic attention on the politics of immigration, and climate change has the potential to compound related political and social challenges by causing additional displacement. The lack of bipartisan agreement on humane border procedures and immigration polices complicates U.S. efforts to mobilize global support for protecting refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable migrants. The current migration situation extending from the U.S.-Mexico border into Central America presents an opportunity for the United States to model good practice and discuss openly managing migration humanely, highlight the role of climate change in migration, and collaborate with other governments to address these challenges.

Activists responded to the report by calling for the U.S. to allow “climate change refugees” through the issuance of special visas. This includes taxpayer-funded National Public Radio’s (NPR) interview Ama Francis, who works on climate displacement with the International Refugee Assistance Project.

The globalists are setting the stage for more migration by stoking fears of "climate change" among 3rd world people, and then guilt in 1st world people that they must "take them in" to save them.

Anonymous said...

Financing the Chinese ever since the ever bright business types aided and abetted by the politicians sent our industrial capacity to China. Done so deliberately and with malice.