Thursday, October 28, 2021

Just Doin' the Job that.... a TikTok Star with Nearly a Million Online Followers Pleaded Not Guilty to Shooting and Killing His Estranged Wife and Her Lover

By R.C.
Tue, Oct 26, 2021 10:06 a.m.

A TikTok Star with Nearly a Million Online Followers Pleaded Not Guilty on Monday to Shooting and Killing His Newly Estranged Wife and a Man she was with last week at a San Diego high-rise. Prosecutors said Ali Abulaban had surreptitiously installed a li

Just doin' the job that....


eahilf said...

It's natural to ask how/why someone named Ali Abulaban is in the US; you can be a 'TikTok star' from anywhere, right? -- the surname Abulaban is most common on Saudi Arabia.

One virtue of being a White Nationalist is you can ask these questions unashamedly.

I'm starting to agree that always-on, everywhere-available 24/7 social media is a plague that is harming young people -- the fact that a useless piece of shit like this is a 'star' and 'influencer' is more anecdotal evidence of this -- it is breeding a culture of attention-seeking exhibitionists and their hangers-on -- voyeurs/voyeurism.

Anonymous said...

Is this actually defined as "work"?


eahilf said...


The story below has gotten some attention on alternative sites, but zero in the mainstream for obvious reasons -- some aspects of it epitomize both the moral and tribal collapse of the white working class -- also the euphemisms employed by the media to disguise this are truly disgusting:

'He was just a baby': The family of Major Harris and Mallery Muenzenberger share their heartbreak

An overweight lower class white woman in her mid-20s already has a child fathered by an older black male loser, then both she and her mixed kid are murdered by her new, younger black boyfriend.

Mallery's father and extended family helped raise Major. They say Mallery was a single mom, working two jobs, and aspired to become a nurse.

Imagine that?! -- a father 'helping' to raise his child -- of course the media is doing its best to sugarcoat the whole sordid mess.

Shock as White Mother and Halfling Child Murdered by Black Male!

If you ever ask the question: “why do we tolerate this behavior of the blacks?” the answer is pretty much always going to be “because of white women.” ... You can say “Jews,” but Jews are a tiny fraction of the population. White women are the standing army of the Jews. ... There is no way to solve any of these problems in our society without completely restricting women from public life.

As I said before: I was surprised by how many young white women I saw participating in BLM 'peaceful protests' -- also large numbers of them have #BlackLivesMatter on their social media profiles.

Another unmentioned factor is how many young white women are overweight; by being overweight they exclude a significant fraction of young white men, who don't want to date overweight women, as potential partners -- they end up with Blacks or mestizos, and aside from the genetic issue inherent in miscegenation, both groups are more likely to abuse them.