Friday, October 29, 2021

Double-Affirmative Action/Hollywood Brat Chief Armorer on Rust, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Says, ‘Don’t Blame Me,’ It was All the Producers’ (Including Alec “Killer” Baldwin) Fault!’

“[Hannah] Gutierrez-Reed has complained of being undertrained and overworked before the accident” (new york post). Hannah Gutierrez-Reed got the job, because she’s double affirmative action (hispanic and female), and the daughter of a legendary Hollywood weapons man, Thell Reed. However, she proved to have none of her dad’s savvy.

Rust Armorer Blames Deadly Accident on Cost-Cutting Bosses”

Rust Armorer Has “No Idea” Where Live Rounds Came from and Blames Beadly Accident on Cost-Cutting Bosses”

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