Saturday, October 30, 2021

Mom Who Posts NSFW Photos as "Model" Says, "I was Humiliated": She was Booted from Volunteering at Florida School over OnlyFans Account; She's Suing, but for What?

By A Texas Reader
Sat, Oct 30, 2021 10:56 a.m.

"I was Humiliated": Mom Says She was Booted from Volunteering at Florida School over OnlyFans Account
"I was humiliated": Mom says she was booted from volunteering at Florida school over OnlyFans account

ATR: If she were a dyke or a male homosexual she would have been given the keys to the city.

But she is not a member of a protected class.

Drag queen storytime reader once charged with child sex assault

Houston Public Library is apologizing after a man charged with child sex assault was allowed to entertain children at Drag Queen storytime.

Victoria Triece: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Victoria Triece is a Florida mom who says she was banned from being a volunteer at her kids' elementary school because she has an OnlyFans page. Triece was part of the Orange County Public ...

ATR: Of course she is a hot white chick.

So, extremely problematic for the elites.

Hillary is Back with Huma and What Looks Like a Handler by Her Side

Hillary is back in the news with Huma and what looks like a handler by her side. Back in 2016 before the Election, we identified an individual by Hillary's side, referred to as her handler. Hillary's Handler Caught Placing "Drug Pen" Into Pocket After Vegas Debate #SickHillary Hillary was also very exhausted and was taking…

ATR: Someone needs to ask:

Is she a good mother?

That is, do her children love her, and is she in trouble with the law?

Are her children well behaved and are they actually learning their 3 R's?

Drug user?

N.S.: Where's their father(s)? Or did she have them through parthenogenesis? Is what she does for money morally on a par with prostitution, or worse? At least, a whore has to provide sex for money. (Ditto for telephone sex.)


Anonymous said...

The three Clinton Rs:

Raunch,racketeering and reprobation.


eahilf said...

Follow the link to see another foto of her, one which looks like it came from her NSFW IG account -- she's all tatted up -- personally, I find that amount of tattooing on a woman disgusting -- getting tattoos is a shallow affectation of far too many women today, as if letting someone ink up your body is a kind of accomplishment, or says something positive about you as a person.

Her child was probably born out of wedlock which is why she could use the OF money.

I'm not sure due to any of the above that I'd exclude her from working with kids at a school, especially with her own child and the child's class -- but I understand the concern and I don't think I'd want my kids spending a lot of time around her.

She's an example of the negative consequences of freeing women from many of the restraining moral strictures present in the past.

Anonymous said...

"a man charged with child sex assault was allowed to entertain children at Drag Queen storytime."

Most of those sexual deviants are not even supposed to be around chirrens under any circumstances.