Saturday, October 30, 2021

More on AT&T’s War on Its White Employees

[Re: “White People—You are the Problem.”]

By Eahilf

A link to Christopher Rufo’s post about AT&T – link.

Some text:

In the “Act” section of the training program, AT&T encourages employees to participate in a “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge” that relies on the concepts of “whiteness,” “white privilege,” and “white supremacy.”

This sounded familiar; I commented about it a couple of months ago on here – link – there it was Bank of America.

The “21-Day Challenge” has its own website – link

It’s produced/marketed by an outfit called “The Privilege Institute” – link

AT&T may have used other vendors.

Still, it would be interesting to know who at AT&T is responsible for approving and organizing this.


Anonymous said...

"AT&T also owns other companies like Cricket wireless. Look up and see if you use a AT&T subsidiary company."

--ZH post
GRA:Switching to another company may be fruitless.Many,if not all,are pulling this sh*t.


Anonymous said...

The jerk CEO needs to get another call center. Nothing but foreigners on the other end when you call and poor service.