Saturday, October 30, 2021

Rats! A D.C. Popeye's Restaurant Has been Shut Down by the Health Department after a Man Posted a Video Showing Rats Scurrying up the Walls and Across the Floor

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sat, Oct 30, 2021 5:00 p.m.

A D.C. Popeyes restaurant has been shut down by the health department after a man posted a video showing rats scurrying up the walls and across the floor after turning on the lights.

N.S.: It was just because of the public embarrassment.

PGCE-P: And the author's name is Bonk?


P.S. Who eats at Popeye's in SE Washington much less works there?


Anonymous said...

Popeye gets Bonked;film at 11(or on YouTube.)


Anonymous said...

How else are you supposed to kill the rats,if you don't let them eat the food?


Anonymous said...

That guy shown eating from the plate looks to be our medical dictator/killer, Fauci. LGB, FJB.

eahilf said...

A farm ratting video from the UK:


Many of the rats are huge but the dogs are fearless.

Anonymous said...


GRA:Dr.Claire Boogaard,a White,female doctor,appeared on "Face(the Commie)Nation to announce the following,with a straight face:

"Kids and parents should know that these vaccines are safe and the facts are,they prevent those individuals who have been vaccinated from getting the coronavirus and passing it to others."

(GRA:Really?She must not be aware of the VAERS numbers,plus the tens(or even hundreds) of thousands of "outlier" cases.)

Margaret Brennan asked an obvious set up question:"What about myocarditis?"

"That's the really good news--the companies,creating the vaccines,expanded the test samples and there's no sign of myocarditis."

They've learned how to cover that up entirely?
As I mentioned on a previous post,I've heard of two people who either died from Covid while fully vaxxed--or died BECAUSE of the vaccine(combination Covid/flu jab)the same day.

These fatalities did not make the local news(of course).If they had,what would the reaction of the public be?What if other deaths from the failure of the vaccines were reported?But they aren't--either by choice or by order from the government.

Caveat emptor.


Anonymous said...

I think the way to see the truth is to look at the numbers in foreign countries such as Israel, Britain, Ireland, etc. It is clearly a lie that the vax prevents illness, hospitalization, and death. Last I read 82% of the deaths in Britain were among the "fully vaccinated." Now that event the head of the pro-vax CDC admits that the vax CANNOT prevent transmission, the lies of this Claire Boogard are extremely outrageous and disqualify her from being taken seriously or from giving medical advice.

Sebastian Hawks said...

That's why they rebuild fast food joints so often. Where I live all the old McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell's, etc are brand new concrete poured buildings right next to the old establishment that served people in the 90s. The old buildings are either torn down, or become immigrant owned fried chicken and Italian beef joints catering to the ghetto. The chain restaurants want a new building to move out of all the mice and roaches that have come to infest the old ones once the walls start to age and develop cracks and crevices. They all rip of "Chipotle" now in design, a big open glass building. No more of that iconic rooftop and plastic booths McDonalds was known for back when Howard Kosel was still announcing Monday Night Football. Some marketing guru told them to make them all look like this.