Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If the Shoe Fits: black Alleged Union Square Shooter Cuffed Moments after Chelsea Bank Heist

Raceless, nameless shooting, bodega robbery, and bank robbery suspect

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

"It's like there was cameras around here or sumpthin' "

--Dumbshitious Jones(MY name for the Union Square shooter).


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
White former hospital executive wins 10 million in reverse discrimination lawsuit:

From the article:

"Novant Health is ordered to pay $10 million in punitive damages to David Duvall, its former senior vice president of marketing and communications, a federal jury in Charlotte decided".

"Duvall claimed in a 2019 lawsuit that he was let go from his job in July 2018 because of the health system’s diversity efforts, and that he ended up being replaced by one Black woman and one White woman".

So it takes two women to do the job of one man? Too bad for Mr. Duvall I wasn't on the jury, I would have voted for an extra zero on that 10 million.

Anonymous said...

Though you wonder Jerry,if the black one didn't do much at all and Whitey had to cover for her.


Anonymous said...

Why is everyone wearing a mask in the picture?Were they ALL robbing the bank?Why would masks be needed with a 100% effective vaccine that stops transmission and prevents any symptoms?Is something else happening?If anyone knows,please reply.


eahilf said...

... the alleged thief Tuesday who shot a 42-year-old man on a subway train during a botched Union Square stickup Monday ...

These media outlets and NPC journofags are all the same -- soon they'll be calling it 'a botched trip home after a night out' when a drunk kills someone with his car.

The most notable thing about this is the laughable affirmative action mystery meat female cop with hips as wide as a two lane highway.

Anonymous said...

One reason the prisons are so full of negroes is that they are just stupid. Caught easily.