Wednesday, October 27, 2021

92 Studies Show Superiority of Natural Immunity to COVID Vaccines

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

But Fauci's study says no--checkmate(or Czech-mate,as the case may be.Commie's spell that differently.)


eahilf said...

This kind of data/rational argument has not worked from day one -- it quickly became a political phenomenon -- via mask mandates, lockdowns, etc, people were robbed of their personal freedom and autonomy -- so only a political response will work: mass non-compliance.

Anonymous said...


(NBC News)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly updated its Covid-19 vaccine guidance Monday for large swaths of immunocompromised people, saying they can receive a booster dose of a Covid vaccine at least six months after completing their primary vaccination series.

But unlike boosters for the vast majority of Americans, a booster shot for an immunocompromised individual may be their fourth Covid shot.

Back in August, the CDC recommended that immunocompromised individuals who had been initially vaccinated with either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna mRNA vaccine ​​— but not Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine ​​— receive a third dose of an mRNA vaccine. That extra dose was not considered a booster, but rather a part of their primary vaccination series.

The new booster dose can be any of the available vaccines, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to the CDC.

GRA:But SOME groups of people are being targeted for "booster shots" more than others--for obvious reasons(to kill them.)

1.)If you have collected social security checks for over 10 years and are in good health--the CDC says,you should receive at least 4 booster shots before next June. If you do not comply,you will be contacted by the FHA about inspections and probable eviction from your house.Please cooperate.

2.)If you received a large refund last year and are expecting another one this year,contact your local pharmacy and relay this code for two more booster shots:IRSDOA.

3.)White--2 extra booster shots a month until...well know.

4.)White and read NSU?The super large,one pint booster shot is specifically developed by J&J just for you.It takes two people to push the two foot long syringe into your body--but the CDC assures you,it will be worth it.

5.)Non-Democrat?Same as #3.

Thank you.

The CDC.


Anonymous said...

Is really not a vaxxx as ordinarily and historically defined. Merely stiffens you own immune system to fight the virus but is not a normal vaxxx.