Sunday, October 31, 2021

How Can This Doctor Go on Television and Lie about the Vaccine?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 11:46:00 A.M. EDT

GRA: Dr. Claire Boogaard, a White, female doctor, appeared on Face (the Commie) Nation to announce the following, with a straight face:

“Kids and parents should know that these vaccines are safe and the facts are, they prevent those individuals who have been vaccinated from getting the coronavirus and passing it to others.”

(GRA: Really? She must not be aware of the VAERS numbers, plus the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of “outlier” cases.)

Margaret Brennan asked an obvious set up question:”What about myocarditis?”

“That’s the really good news—the companies creating the vaccines expanded the test samples and there’s no sign of myocarditis.”

They’ve learned how to cover that up entirely?
As I mentioned on a previous post, I’ve heard of two people who either died from Covid while fully vaxxed—or died BECAUSE of the vaccine (combination Covid/flu jab) the same day.

These fatalities did not make the local news (of course). If they had, what would the reaction of the public be? What if other deaths from the failure of the vaccines were reported? But they aren’t—either by choice, or by order from the government.

Caveat emptor.


N.S.: So, does this Claire Boogaard practice her lying in front of a mirror, so she won’t go out of character?

So, a few days ago, I’m on the phone with a longtime acquaintance (“A”). He’s on close terms with a much younger, mutual acquaintance (“B”), who had given him a key to his apartment, which is relatively close by. A gets a call from B’s parents, saying they haven’t heard from him for a while. (Good parents!) So, A lets himself into B’s apartment, and finds him unconscious, with a face full of vomit, and drawers full of poop. He gets him taken to the hospital, where they save his life. He’s doing much better, now, but the sawboneses are at a loss to explain what went wrong. It was possibly some sort of cardiac event. (Although B is quite skinny, and only 30, I asked if he was diabetic, and might have gone into diabetic shock, but A didn’t respond.)

A’s theory: It was the jab. B had just gotten the Moderna jab, which has a nasty habit of causing blood clots in the heart and/or lungs of young men.


eahilf said...

It's a cult --> link

Some guy whose son is hooked up to a heart monitor post 2nd Pfizer dose nonetheless urges parents to vaccinate their kids.

This shit can't be real/sincere -- if it is, something very dark about humanity has been exposed.

Anonymous said...

Arms are being twisted to the point of separation from the shoulder socket.I'd love to see the memos being sent to the CEOS and general managers of the various media companies(or phone conversations)from government.

They would be an eye and earful.


Anonymous said...


GRA:Psaki mentioned that she only had mild Covid--thanks to the vaxx.I immediately thought,how can that be proven to be true.Most cases are mild--vaxx or not.On Breitbart(where I'm banned and too lazy to set up another account)I searched for like minded people who might express the same idea.Here they are:

"How does she know she only got a mild case because of the vaccine, many unvaccinated have had mild cases. It's probably because she has no other illnesses and her age group doesn't have much chance of dying from it."

8 minutes ago
"Exactly. She should be censored for giving misleading medical information, (like the rest of us have been),. She has absolutely no idea whether the vaccine made it mild or not. But the democrat left play fast and lose with truth these days."

GRA:There's hope--not much hope--but hope.


eahilf said...

The entire transcript is available on a number of sites -- she comes across as either a paid propagandist/cheerleader, or extraordinarily naive/trusting/gullible -- maybe stupid as well.

“That’s the really good news — the companies creating the vaccines expanded the test samples and there’s no sign of myocarditis.”

Assuming myocarditis was seen (it was and is), I don't see how an expanding sample size (as more people get the vax) can make myocarditis disappear -- you may get a better idea of the incidence, perhaps also of predisposing/risk factors, depending on how well you survey those getting the vax, follow-up with them, and then analyze the data.

Anonymous said...

Is not a vaccine. Is really an experimental therapeutic. But not a vaccine as that word normally defined and understood.