Sunday, October 24, 2021

Is this a Stereotype? Drunken Mexican Driving a Pickup Truck Challenges Cement Barrier to a Fight, and Loses

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Oct 24, 2021 3:54 p.m.

The deceased was identified by authorities as 27-year-old Juan Casas Sandoval of El Paso. Investigators said they believe Sandoval was drunk at the time, as other drivers said the [sic] saw the pickup truck weaving in and out of traffic along Interstate 10 wes

Pickup truck driver dies after crash into cement barrier along I-10 -

UPDATE: Police said a man seriously injured after crashing his pickup truck into a cement barrier early Saturday died later in the morning at a local hospital. The deceased was identified by ...

ATR: Is this a stereotype?


Anonymous said...

See-Mex barrier--because that's who you usually see rammed into one.


Anonymous said...

And the immigration status is??

eahilf said...

Sandoval was the 55th El Paso traffic death this year as compared to the same time last year; police say he wasn't wearing a seat-belt.

The only part of this sentence I understand is where it says 'he wasn't wearing a seat-belt'.

At least he didn't cause an accident that injured or killed anyone else.