Sunday, October 31, 2021

Mass Shooting at "Erotic Exotic Halloween Ball" in California Leaves Two Dead, Five Wounded

By R.C.
Sat, Oct 30, 2021 10:39 p.m.

Shooting at "Erotic Exotic Halloween Ball" in California Leaves Two Dead, Five Injured


eahilf said...

At the link there is another link to a story about the shooting on a Fox media outlet in Sacramento -- here is another story on the same Fox outlet:

Students assaulted, robbed on Sacramento State campus

The description of the suspects:

The first suspect is described as a 19-year-old male, with a light mustache and wearing a track suit with red in it. ... The second suspect is described as a 23-year-old male, with short, black hair, a full beard and wearing a polo shirt. ... The third suspect is described as a 19-year-old male with long, curly dark hair.

LOL -- so somehow the exact age of each suspect is known (?), but no info about their ethnicity is given -- this has to be the weirdest instance of 'not reporting race' I've ever seen.

The reporter on the byline is on Twitter: Connor Malone

Looking at his timeline, he probably has no problem with suppressing race in descriptions.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that goes to a party where blacks will be,are rolling the dice big time. The more you roll the dice,the more likely you will become involved in a "disturbance".Once the "disturbance" occurs--anything can happen--including your body finding itself in the way of a bullet.

It goes without saying that the higher the numbers of blacks at a gathering,the better the chances of something felonious and deadly occurring.

eahilf said...


I think this incident was the subject of a post here: the 3 'valets' killed outside a Houston club -- I may have cited it as an example of the random crime, random mystery meat foreigner victim phenomenon -- here it's about the perpetrator:

Noncitizen in Houston charged with 3 counts of murder is released on bond -- The defendant is a noncitizen from Sudan

Modawi was working as a valet when he reportedly began doing donuts in a parking lot in a client’s car — Infiniti G37 — on the evening of Oct. 1. A police officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but Modawi fled, Fox reported. ... In his haste to get away from police, the car Modawi was operating recklessly hit three other valets, Eric Orduna, 22, Nick Rodriguez, 23, and Fnan Measho, 18, before flipping and careening into a fence. The men all died at the scene.

So it turns out the guy who killed the 3 valets was also working there as a valet (how many does a club need?) -- at the time, I do not recall any of the stories even hinting that, but it must have been known -- ?

What do you want to bet the entire Sudanese family came to the US as refugees and is still living on welfare/SSI.

Houston seems to be another post-America city.

eahilf said...


As I said before, the shit that goes on in America 2.0 is just unreal, but you'll never see it in the national news since most of it involves Platinum Americans™ -- the media has a tough job shielding them from bad publicity, but they are very dedicated about it.

Mother, her boyfriend charged after 8-year-old's remains were found in west Harris Co. apartment

Mom of 3 boys found abandoned, living with their deceased brother questioned and released -- Abandoned children lived with brother's corpse for a year, authorities said

At the first link there is video of the boyfriend being arrested; he looks white -- but nothing about the mom in either story.

15 y/o calls the cops after his younger brother has been dead in the apartment for a year -- a neighbor complained to apartment complex management earlier about a foul odor in her apartment, but nothing was done.

Houston child abandonment case: What we know so far about the death of 8-year-old Kendrick Lee

The mother is black -- seems to have several kids (link), probably all out of wedlock, all with different men, none of the men involved as fathers -- the white boyfriend (WTF, the woman is a fat pig) has been charged with murder.

Remember all of this the next time the media tells you about the 'black community' and 'black families' -- with a 70+% illegitimacy rate, neither really exists.

jeigheff said...

Regarding the city of Houston:

Sometime back in the 90s, a Hispanic coworker told me that Houston was a "trash town" with "all those Mexicans" !!!!