Thursday, October 28, 2021

Up to Four Jabs for Some People—Because the First Three Worked so Well! The CDC Just Wants to Help You; Please Cooperate

[Re: “92 Studies Show Superiority of Natural Immunity to COVID Vaccines.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

(nbc news) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly updated its Covid-19 vaccine guidance Monday for large swaths of immunocompromised people, saying they can receive a booster dose of a Covid vaccine at least six months after completing their primary vaccination series. But unlike boosters for the vast majority of Americans, a booster shot for an immunocompromised individual may be their fourth Covid shot.

Back in August, the CDC recommended that immunocompromised individuals who had been initially vaccinated with either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna mRNA vaccine ​​— but not Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine ​​— receive a third dose of an mRNA vaccine. That extra dose was not considered a booster, but rather a part of their primary vaccination series. The new booster dose can be any of the available vaccines, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to the CDC.

GRA: But SOME groups of people are being targeted for “booster shots” more than others—for obvious reasons (to kill them):

1.) If you have collected social security checks for over ten years, and are in good health—the CDC says, you should receive at least four booster shots before next June. If you do not comply, you will be contacted by the FHA about inspections and probable eviction from your house. Please cooperate;

2.) If you received a large refund last year and are expecting another one this year, contact your local pharmacy and relay this code for two more booster shots: IRSDOA;

3.) White—2 extra booster shots a month until...well know;

4.) White and read NSU? The super large, one pint booster shot is specifically developed by J&J just for you. It takes two people to push the two-foot-long syringe into your body—but the CDC assures you, it will be worth it; and

5.) Non-Democrat? Same as #3. Thank you. The CDC.



Anonymous said...

When I got my first two shots I( was so elated. I am going to survive the virus and live a ln time yet. Now I got the booster and really am depressed that this whole mess is going to go on forever.

The vaxxx again not clinically trialed and is not working as everyone thought it would. Indeed, if it had been known about the vaxxx what we know nowfrom normal clinical trials would NOT HAVE been approved for general use.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
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It's harder and harder to maintain the oblivious facade we Whites are supposed to put on in the face of this blatant discriminatory practice.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
#4). Don't worry, they know who we are, they already have our names and addresses so when it comes time to round up the enemies of globalism they'll come for us, and our families. Or at least the members that refuse to sell you out or name others for the inquisitors to find. Doubt they'll bother with mixing up some special dose of something for us, the 2 ft. long needles will be directly inserted into the brainstem to make sure we are silenced forever.

You can see the preparations for this...I'm experiencing it right now with my family. I am being treated like a pariah by certain members and even though I've explained the actual facts (from the CDC), they refuse to accept it. They have long since ceased actually trying to formulate an argument against me, they don't have one, so they just stubbornly sit in silent judgment with clenched jaws. I've spoken with other non vaxxed experiencing similar treatment from family and friends and it's clear the division between vaxxed and non vaxxed is getting greater. Our government/media is working hard to program this ignorance and intolerance into the populace to the point I wouldn't be surprised at anything that might happen.

Anonymous said...

Four boosters? Where are you getting your data from? Why are you making this thing into a political affair? I know there are many others making this political as well, but people are so tired of everything being political. It’s a fucking vaccine. If you want it, great, get it. If you don’t, then don’t get it. But just like any other vaccine, if a public place requires it, then don’t go there. You may not have lived through the horrors of smallpox and measles and even Polio, but I have, and I am grateful there are some ways of protecting ourselves and others. If some folks want to be inflammatory in their remarks about getting vaccinated or not, walk away. Kindly disagree and continue on your day. I don’t appreciate anyone turning this into a political farce, no matter what it is you profess.

Anonymous said...

REAL vaccines get rid of the disease they're focused on(smallpox,polio).This one spreads it.You'll be up to 4 boosters within a year,unless beforehand,the powers that be finally admit these frauds of a vaccines are worthless(which will never happen.)

Meanwhile,drug companies pile up the money for nothing.The vaxx mandates alone make this a political issue.

Anyways,if you can't see what I was doing,there's no explaining it.