Thursday, October 28, 2021

abc “news”: If You Want to Libel President Trump, We’re Right behind You, but If You Want to Defend Him against Such Libels, Your “Comment Doesn’t Meet Our Guidelines.”

By N.S.

For some strange reason, abc “news” has re-posted a 2002 video of the families of five of the Central Park rapists who beat Trisha Meili within an inch of her life on April 19, 1989, getting their convictions vacated, along with lying commentary by overpaid, new yorker “journalist,” Ken Auletta, asserting that they were the victims of an injustice.

michael dennis 22h

“If Trump had his way they would have been executed for a crime they didn’t commit.”

N.S.: Lying, racist, imbecile. He never called for them to be executed. However, he called for bringing back the death penalty. And when he did, she was in a coma, had been given the last rites, and was expected to die. And they were guilty as hell then, and are guilty as hell now.
abc: “This comment doesn’t meet our guidelines.” [N.S.: Now, I remember. This is from abc “news”, which permablocked me from commenting, years ago. Thus, the message is completely misleading.]

K Kile 19h

This is long overdue.  More than one individual owes these men an apology.  One of them is Trump, who had taken a full page ad in the NY Times, stating these men were guilty as charged, even though the evidence did not support their convictions.

N.S.: What “evidence”? They confessed, their crime partners identified them in their own confessions, and the cops recovered the pipe that Yusuf Salaam bragged about hitting Trisha Meili with in the head and ribs (which accomplice Jermaine Robinson had lent him). “It was fun,” he said. “It was something to do.”


Anonymous said...

Yusef the negro devil from hell even admitted on national TV [and I did hear it] that he merely "held the woman down while the others raped her, then I hit her on the head with a brick trying to kill her." "But I didn't rape her!!"

Facilitating rape is the same as rape Yusef.

I would say the only ones needing an apology are the whitey people USA who have had their society turned upside down by a race of negro morons.

eahilf said...

>Your “Comment Doesn’t Meet Our Guidelines.”

I have an online folder of images/screencaps of all my disqus comments removed by the website using disqus for comments.

>Lying, racist, imbecile

Without that your comment probably would have been accepted -- recall I posted a link before to a NYT piece about how the range of acceptable discourse has narrowed considerably over the last few decades; calling people names, however well-deserved, is generally seen as unacceptable today -- one can see this as one aspect of wokeism.

Of course you can say a lot more about Whites than any other group -- the trial for the Sines v Kessler civil lawfare suit arising from UTR in Charlottesville started this week -- Jason Kessler has been posting on Gab (Gab/Jason Kessler) about it -- central to the suit is that the UTR organizers were promoting 'hate' against non-whites -- Kessler told about one potential juror who said nearly all the 'hate' he sees today is directed against Whites; he sees very little 'hate' directed against non-whites -- the plaintiffs used a peremptory challenge to dismiss this potential juror.

The video confessions of the CP5 can be viewed here:


But the lying narrative has been established, helped immensely by the racial angle and the acquiescence of cucked Whites.

Anonymous said...

"Strike those comments","remove/ignore that evidence","invent other 'facts' to fit the new narrative".

"Repeat often on television or print media.Make a movie with a fictional storyline.Show clips of that movie on a pro-negro network like NBC.Sit back and laugh.Move on to George Floyd--repeat.But instead of movie clips,play police cam videos,ignore Floyd's drug usage(which actually killed him)and threaten riots in American cities if you don't get the negro preferred verdict of guilty.

Move on to the next scam racial issue.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I'm interested to see how much freedom people have to say what they want on Trump's new social media platform "Truth". Is the Donald actually going to allow it to be free wheeling and uncensored? Or is he going to shut down leftists who will go there to pick fights with MAGA believers.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I say this every time the subject of the CP5 comes up, but it bears repeating: While the only DNA they could recover in Tricia Meili was from Reyes, that means he was likely the only one who committed penetrative rape, or was able to climax when he did. It is NOT evidence that the CP5 didn't help to sexually assault her or participate in nearly beating Ms. Meili to death. It's not unusual in gang rape situations for only 1 or 2 to commit actual rape while others only assist. All this has been conveniently forgotten in the rush to virtue signal about "falsely accused black men".

The CP5 "innocence" campaign is laser focused on police methods used to get confessions but ignores the actual evidence it uncovered. Yes, those methods can seem aggressive and even coercive at time but criminals who commit heinous crimes rarely confess readily, instead they lie and do everything possible to keep from accepting responsibility for their actions. Investigators encounter stonewalling and anti police attitudes in black communities that make it even more difficult to catch criminals. If the perps in this crime were White and the vic black, nobody would be questioning those methods, if anything, they'd be saying police weren't aggressive enough.

eahilf said...

>Or is he going to shut down leftists ...

LOL -- he's going to 'shut down' anti-Semites -- allegedly Jared Kushner et al talked him out of joining Gab because there's a lot of JQ rhetoric on Gab -- Andrew Torba has so far defied the censorship requests of the German government (the Bundesjustizministerium has sent him several letters threatening legal action) -- here's an English language article from them:

Legislative package to combat hate and hate speech has entered into force -- Substantial increases in penalties, greater investigative pressure and blocks on releasing information under the Federal Act on Registration will better protect the victims of hate crime

The Germans are nuts about this kind of shit -- but England and France are close behind.

Not long ago #Pimmelgate trended on German Twitter -- this was because someone called a politician in Hamburg a Pimmel -- the best xlation of this is prick -- the politician contacted the police about this; there are 'hate' laws in DE about calling someone mean names -- so the cops actually found out who the person was and went to their house, confiscating all electronic devices to secure evidence of the crime.

It looks like this is coming to America.

Germany may end up blocking Gab entirely for users with IP addresses inside Germany.

I guarantee you Trump will be a lot more concerned about racism and anti-Semitism than leftist trolls -- he's a normal boomertard about all that.