Wednesday, October 20, 2021

“New York” Declares “Racism” a Public Health Crisis

By Jerry PDX
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 7:47:00 P.M. EDT

“New York” declares? The whole city? Everybody IN the city? Nope, it’s the NYC Board of Health and Commissioner Dave A. Chokshi that have made this “declaration.” Do they speak for all New Yorkers? No, they don’t. And what about the relentless black-on-White/asian racist violence plaguing the city daily? Is that part of the health “crisis”?

This from the article:

The declaration comes amid opposition from black lives matter against New York City’s coronavirus vaccine mandates, which the far-left activist organization has labeled racist. Hawk Newsome, co-founder and chairman of black lives matter of greater new york, has argued the mandates are racist due to the low rate of vaccination in the black community.

[N.S.: Non sequitur alert!]

“I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,” Newsome told the Washington Examiner. “It’s not gonna be White men in suits on Wall Street who are gonna get stopped. There’s such hypocrisy in this thing.”

Sounds like the Board of Health is reacting to blm by sucking up to them even more than they already do.

However, I don’t necessarily disagree about what a lot those men in suits do on Wall Street but they aren’t all White, and all the vast majority of these “activists” really want is to be part of the system they claim to be opposed to, or paid off. One they get that, suddenly they don't care about being “active” anymore.

Check out this Dave A. Chokshi clown, with that name I thought he was going to be a White Polish cuck but he looks Indian, or black, or both. Either way, his loyalty clearly aligns with his race, not the U.S.A.


eahilf said...

>New York City Declares ‘Racism’ a Public Health Crisis

They misspelled 'Diversity'.

Anonymous said...

It is a public health problem. The negro constantly attacking whites is more than random acts of senseless violence the motive of which "is not understood".

Anonymous said...

More like blamism.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Michelle Yi, former Survivor contestant, is attacked and severely injured by a homeless woman, then lies about the ethnic identity of her attacker:
She attempts to paint this as a "hate crime" by blatantly lying about her attacker. This from the article:

"I can't say why she attacked me, of all people," Yi told PEOPLE. "But she was a white lady who attacked three people that morning. Another victim was an elderly Asian man who was walking his dog, and the third was also a person of color.

"I can't prove whether it was racially motivated or not," she continued, "but she was screaming all sorts of awful things at me. The facts are what they are."

A "White lady"???? The attackers name was Alexandria Diaz and her mugshot is in the Sun article. It clearly shows a mestizo with a much darker complexion than Ms. Yi has. She could not have failed to notice that detail, I don't care how traumatized she was by the attack, if she was aware enough to notice a little detail like skin color at all, then she would have noticed that Ms. Diaz was not White.
Ms. Yi is lying in an attempt to frame this as a White anti Asian crime. She tries to qualify her lie with "The facts are what they are", ignoring that the facts are not what she is saying they are. She won't get called out on this though, at least by the MSM, this will be used to reinforce the lie that Whites are behind hate crime violence.

This Alexandria Diaz is clearly an Asian latino. This is actually an Asian on Asian hate crime if you ignore ethnicity and boil it down to race.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Dave. Appears to be east Indian.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, he's Indian.