Friday, December 29, 2017

Where are the Parents?! The Youngest Little Mass Murderer

By Nicholas Stix

At The New York Post.


Anonymous said...

I was talking to an expert building mechanical systems designer about this fire today, after sending him the first NYDN article on the Bronx inferno.
I wanted to give him the latest update as heard on AM news stations - but he beat me to the punch: 'bitch didn't close the door...'. This happens all the time.
Her 3-yr old had had a HABIT of 'playing with the burners of the stove', and 'when the mother heard her son scream (because he had set their kitchen on fire), she grabbed him and ran out of the apt into the street - WIHOUT CLOSING THE DOOR'.
This account was offered by someone higher-ranking in the NYFD, who repeated - 'as we've been teaching tenants citywide in our fire-safety courses, when you leave a burning apartment, you MUST close the (fire-rated) door' - he repeated this warning twice.
My friend said he was surprised by the politically-incorrect honesty displayed here, which pins the blame fully on one of the 'victims' of the fire.
She wasn't a 'victim', she was the criminal: 'she just couldn't have given a shit - it never crossed her mind to try to protect the other tenants in the bldg. The fire would have been contained to that one unit, on that one floor, the firemen would have been there within ~ 5 mins, squirted some water, and everyone else would still be alive in all the upper floors.
He suspected that the FDNY have gotten tired - year after year - of taking bodies out of buildings just like these - with charred lungs - because of the idiocy of these people. If you find her photo, post it and lable it as correctly.

LBD said...

If her toddler had played with the stove be, why didn’t she just remove the knobs when not cooking? That’s what moms used to do in the days before expensive “childproofing” kits and devices.