Thursday, December 28, 2017

Are Blacks 13% of the Population, or 50%?, and Other Random Observations of the Day

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 7:42:00 P.M. EST

How, I ask, could Oprah Winfrey have POSSIBLY helped the stock of Weight Watchers this year, like she did?

I just saw her on a TV show today—and she looks like a blimp, a black Pillsbury doughgirl, a sumo wrestler. She's FAT!

WW hasn't helped her at all, yet the stock went through the roof supposedly because Oprah was going to succeed on the diet. Not a bit.

Negro Nightly News was sans Lesta Holt this week, so who do they replace him with? None other than negro Craig Melvin.

Negroes EVERYWHERE. Ron Mott, Ron Allen, Al Roker and Mexi, Miguel Almaguer also appeared on the "No Whites Allowed News," which holds true apparently—until a whitey kills a black thug somewhere in these United States. (You can tell, they're always looking for that angled story.) THEN whitey is plastered as a mugshot pic—and found guilty by NBC.

Melvin has a constant rasp in his voice and sounds at times like he's Rochester from The Jack Benny Show. Not impressed.

Negro Broadcasting Company has a show called The Wall, produced by Lebron James. The game itself is great—the contestants are almost uniformly black—therefore, the show is unwatchable, imho.

Let's Make a Deal is getting to that point (50% blacks picked), as is The Price is Right (blacks and Mex 66% contestants).

Steven Colbert's guests are over 50% black—I'll jot them down for a couple weeks just to prove the point.

Blacks are 13% of the population? More like 50% on my television.


Anonymous said...

Raspy voice from probably doing many lines of coke.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, the Negro Nightly News stars Lesta Dolt.

Anonymous said...

same with steve harvey's idiot show.