Saturday, December 23, 2017

Terrorism Pays: An East Bay Jury has Awarded Terrorist Leader Elaine Brown of the Cop-Killer Black Panthers $3.75 Million in Damages for Injuries She Suffered When Oakland Councilwoman Desley Brooks Assaulted Her During an Argument at a Downtown Restaurant


Oakland PD policeman John Frey was ambushed and murdered by the Black Panthers on October 28, 1967

Chicago PD Officer John J. Gilhooly, was murdered by the Black Panthers on November 14, 1969

Officer John J. Gilhooly’s partner, Officer Frank G. Rappaport, was murdered along with him that night

By Reader-Researcher RC

Ex-Black Panther awarded $3.75 million after clash with Oakland councilwoman
San Francisco Chronicle

An East Bay jury has awarded former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown $3.75 million in damages for injuries she suffered when Oakland Councilwoman Desley Brooks assaulted her during an argument at a downtown restaurant. In its verdict Thursday, after a day of deliberations, the Alameda County Superior Court jury agreed with Brown on every disputed issue in the case: that Brooks had attacked her without justification, that Brown had never threatened her, that Brooks was acting within the scope of her employment with the city, and that the assault on the then-72-year-old woman was an act of elder abuse. The award against the city of Oakland covers damages for pain and suffering.


Terrorist Elaine Brown

Oakland Councilwoman Desley Brooks

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Chicago guy said...

These runaway juries who just hand out ridiculous sums of money are usually black ones. They're pretty good at giving away other people's money since they have no concept about such things.