Friday, December 22, 2017

Montgomery Co. Police Chief: Gang “violence is ramping up”


Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

“In an exclusive interview, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said there is no question that gang violence is on the rise.”

“When you’ve got victims who have had their limbs cut off and just mutilated in a way that we’re finding these bodies, it really does act as an indication that the violence is ramping up,” he told WTOP.

While there are cases of gang activity being directed from Central America, such as MS-13 and the Latin Kings, Manger said there are other violent neighborhood gangs that police monitor, such as the Bloods and Hit Squad.

“These kids are born and raised in the U.S., and then the other half of our gang activity is the ethnic-based gangs who align themselves with folks from their country of origin,” he said.

Gang activity is not prevalent throughout the county; in fact, Manger said it is concentrated in certain areas and difficult to find in others. And while he said gang members tend to target each other, there have been more brutal killings in 2017 without question….”

[Read the whole thing at WTOP.]

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't make any sense.For me to give up my independent way of thinking and way of life,to take orders(mostly criminal in nature) from others in my neighborhood,would go the opposite of every fiber of my personality.But the (white) kids I knew weren't like that anyways.There were the druggies,jocks,brains etc.But no gangs.The minorities have to understand that fighting over drugs is not the answer.
--GR Anonymous