Sunday, December 31, 2017

Confession (Joke)

An Old Friend just called, to wish me a Happy New Year. In closing, he told the following joke he’d heard years before, from memory. (By the time I’m done with it, it’ll look like the results of a game of “Telephone.”)

A man goes to confession, and tells the priest,

Penitent: “Father, I’ve been married to the same woman for 50 years, and I never cheated on her, but for the past three months I’ve been having a passionate affair with 18-year-old, identical twins.

Priest: “Have you ever been to confession before?”

Penitent: “Actually, I’m a Jew.”

Priest: “Then why are you telling me this?”

Penitent: “I’m telling everyone!”


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Germany has come up with a solution to rapefugees. It's so simple, the women hide in "safe places" and they turn over the streets over to roving bands of Muslim rapists:

This cowardly scheme was undoubtedly devised by feminists and their sniveling beta male allies, those manginas who piss their pants in terror considering the possibility they might be expected to physically confront a Muslim rapist.
The comments are a hoot, there's over 2,000 and counting already. Many are suggesting that Germans take matters in their own hands and have roving bands of enforcers that protect women. I agreed in spirit but had to point out reality to them with this:

"I agree but all it takes is one incident protecting one woman to give the media something to spin into "racist" alt right hysteria and focus away from rapefugees. They're just waiting for the right situation to happen, then there will be a media firestorm that will dwarf the relatively minimal attention the mass sexual assaults received. Then the virtue signalling race baiters will be in heaven posing and posturing as noble anti racists. Raped women are not important, unless it's white men doing the raping that is".

D J said...

All that needs to happen is for the protectors today "we don't CARE what the media thinks!"