Monday, December 11, 2017

Terrorist is from Bangladesh, and Lives in Brooklyn; He’s in Police Custody at Bellevue Hospital; a Second Suspect is also under Arrest

By Nicholas Stix

Fox’ Good Day New York host, Rosanna Scotto: The police are “saying ‘We’ve got you; we want you to go about your day.’”

Oh, yeah. Just go about your day. It’s impossible to get anywhere in Manhattan, or much of the rest of the city, but you should go about your day, and not act as if what happened, happened.

Co-host Lori Stokes: “The suspect is of Bangladeshi descent.”

No, he’s a Bangladeshi. He’s not of Bangladeshi “descent.”

Imagine if Churchill had told the Brits sleeping in London Tube stations while their buildings were being bombed into rubble during the Blitz that nothing was happening that should change their lifestyles.

It was Bush II who started that nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Bellevue. Mental hospital. But he had an accomplice? So he could not have been THAT crazy.

Anonymous said...

They call themselves Bangala's if they're from Bangala Desh Full of Aqueda supporters and Taliban.