Saturday, December 23, 2017

Houston's Honduran Community Gathered Friday Night to Mourn the Loss of a Young Mother Who was Killed This Week for Her 6-Week-Old Daughter


Carolina Flores, 33, and her newborn daughter, Shamali

By A Texas Reader and Nicholas Stix
Fri, Dec 22, 2017 11:34 p.m.

'There was no better mother': Honduran community remembers mom allegedly murdered for her baby

Friends are sharing cell phone video of Shamali Flores and her mother. (KTRK)





BTW, why the **** does Houston have a "Honduran community"?

N.S.: It is urgent that Houston, other cities, indeed the whole country have “Honduran communities,” because MS-13 has opened itself to Hondurans and Guatemalans, and without such communities, MS-13 will not be able to meet its recruiting nut.

The baby’s 34-year-old father is now believed to be named “Marcos Mariano Thomas Palacios.” He was previously believed to be named, “Thomas Bernardez.” In other words, the father is an illegal, and his real identity is anyone’s guess. The mother was probably also an illegal, along with her alleged killer and the latter’s boyfriend. In fact, if you were to check out the church the vic and the alleged perp were members of, at least half of the parish is likely to be illegal.

Suspected murder-kidnapper Erika Miranda-Alvarez. Note that while Miranda-Alvarez has been charged with capital murder, she has yet to be charged with kidnapping. If she is not charged with kidnapping, she stands a much better chance of eventually being paroled. Conversely, convictions for capital murder and kidnapping would enhance the possibility of her dying in prison, whether from the executioner’s needle, or old age.

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