Thursday, December 21, 2017

If You Go to These Mooks for Food for Thought, You’ll Starve!


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David Brooks, left; David Frum, right.

Charles Krauthammer, left; Bill O'Reilly, right.

Thomas Friedman, left; Peggy Noonan, right.

John Podhoretz, left; Bill Kristol, right.

Jonah Goldberg, left; Michael Barone, right.

Linda Chavez, left; Dick Morris, right.

Leading “pundits” such as Charlie Kraut will give you writing that is low on truth quotient (TQ). They will tell you only partial or half-truths. But as the saying goes, A half-truth is a whole lie. Please support me, so that I can continue to give you the whole truth, to the best of my knowledge.

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Nicholas Stix

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jerry pdx
Dreamers again blessing us with cultural enrichment?
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