Monday, December 11, 2017

A Plague on Both Their Houses! Designing Woman Sues New Yorker in Massive Shakedown, Gets DPUSA Operative Ryan Lizza Fired, but Demands that “her privacy be respected”; Will Lizza Get the Death Penalty?


Ryan Lizza has been convicted of “improper sexual conduct”

The convict is usually seen in public wearing his cheaters

By Nicholas Stix

“Requests that her privacy be respected.”

You know, I’m not in the habit of using the sort of language that President Trump might use to describe women he doesn’t get along with, but that’s exactly what I’m thinking, regarding this character.

Irrespective of my attitude towards Ryan Lizza, who is a leftwing political hack, the notion that this designing woman, who looks to destroy a man’s life, and shake down his employer for millions, all while hiding in the shadows and depicting herself as a heroic figure, has a right to “privacy,” is obscene.

I’m going to do everything I can to determine her identity, and “out” her. I hope that someone beats me to it.

Her ability to hide her identity is central to her plot, and that of her liar, er, lawyer,

The New Yorker’s action, in firing Lizza, was just damage control. Its shysters surely advised corporate that if they didn’t immediately fire him, the designing woman would be able to argue that the magazine’s lack of sexual hysteria was proof of its “hostile work environment,” and Jezebel and her liar would likely pocket millions more.

That was what I posted at Law & Crime. But since I’m home, I can say that she’s a cunt.

I am aware of the poetic justice issues here. Ryan Lizza is a communist/socialist/whatever hack, who has sought to destroy Donald Trump, in order to suck up to his feminist allies. Meanwhile, feminists have long had the run of The New Yorker.

Wigdor LLP’s boss, Douglas Wigdor, is a mangina who lives off of feminist shakedowns. He probably figures he’ll make millions for himself and his client, while all the normal men will be run out of The New Yorker.
Win-win, right?

Wrong. The more likely result will be, a few years down the road, that The New Yorker will be shuttered.

Fine by me. Since the magazine that once was home to the likes of James Thurber and E.B. White has long since degenerated into first, a big bore, and then, just another DPUSA propaganda rag, the world at large wouldn’t even notice if it went under.

Some digital content company will then sell access to the archives of the magazine, from when it was readable.

At Law & Crime.

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