Sunday, December 10, 2017

That Michael Slager Video

[Re: “Former South Carolina Cop Michael Slager Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Policing While White.”]

[From Reader D.]


Feidin Santana, the man who recorded Michael Slager's "crime," is black. Without his video I doubt that Michael Slager would have been persecuted as he was.

Would a white witness have videoed the incident? Would the outcome of the entire incident have been different?

I'm inclined to think of Slager's conviction is a racist "hate crime."

Thanks for all your good work,


Thank you for your kind words.
Feidin Santana is clearly a racist cop-hater. What is less obvious is that he’s a greedhead. He claimed to just care about justice, but sought to make millions off of his videotape.

Just what America needs—more racist “immigrants.”

The video the MSM showed, in the wake of Slager’s sentencing was the same highly doctored one they’ve been showing since shortly after the incident. It makes it look as if Officer Michael Slager executed small-time criminal and cokehead, Walter Scott.

Media operatives deleted Scott’s two attacks on Officer Slager, and attempt to rob the policeman of his Taser and use it on him.


Anonymous said...

"and [an] attempt to rob the policeman of his Taser and use it on him."

He did rob Slager of his taser and did use it on the officer. Scott probably thought it was a handgun [the taser in the holster does resemble a handgun] but did not know to fire the weapon, then took off running and was shot. Scott did have lethal intent toward Slager.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to be able to appeal? Holy Shit. They can't even do their jobs.