Saturday, December 16, 2017

Boom! Bombshell: “The House is Going to be Rocked in the Next 72 Hours… over a Dozen Congressional Members May Resign” over Sex Scandals

By Reader-Researcher RC

If true, we are about to see an unprecedented wave of swamp draining in the United States Congress.


N.S.: Methinks we are going to see a bunch of targeted white, normal, men Republicans resigning. The swamp, if anything, will be dirtier than ever.

And how did a feminist I saw the other day on MSNBC the other day know to say that this was “only the beginning”? My conspiracy sense is awfully jumpy, these days.


Anonymous said...

The goal is to replace the "White Swamp" with the "Black Swamp","Queer Swamp","Mex Swamp",but most importantly,the "Lib,Socialist Swamp".
None of these future accused should resign without a conviction in court.This is bypassing our voting and court systems.It's brilliant on the part of Clinton Inc. and DPUSA,but brainless on the part of those accused to cave in.They must fight the same dirty way as Democrats--and get trash on the Dems,the Dem media personalities and Hollywood libs.Plus the black sports stars need to have a light or two shone brightly on their escapades.That would create the equalizer,which so far has been a one sided witch hunt for sex crimes (and barely that in most instances)against older white guys.This fake uproar over "groping" would end in short order.
Remember,"presumed innocent"?-I do.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

....and tv stations around the country still air re-runs of the "Cosby Show".....WTF