Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Diverse Christmas in “D”: Massive Brawl Erupts at Christmas Toy Giveaway in Detroit

By “W”

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
Published on Dec 23, 2017


Anonymous said...

I saw that.Never a surprise anymore.Where negroes gather,chaos often ensues.

Anonymous said...

For months now - in anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas - all the local offices of the SE Queens Black Political Mafia (SEQBPM), along with NYPD precincts covering those districts, have had innumerable 'giveaways' of every type: first 'Prom Dresses', then Turkeys, and lastly one 'Toy Drive' after the other.
All of these are utterly inexplicable to me: every 'teen' I see on Jamaica Ave has an iPhone (nothing older than the last 3 models: ~ $400), the latest, brand-new Jordans (~ $250), Levi's 'ghetto-wear' - with the requisite 'sag' already built-in, for that desired 'ass at the knees look' (~ $150 in at the flagship SOHO store: Mr Levi isn't stupid).
The 'Free Shit Army' already has all the best shit money can buy: where do the $$$ come from?
So great is the sense of the 'White Man's Burden', that no one seems capable of the simplest honest cognitive exercise as to what the FSA actually 'needs' anymore.
It certainly isn't anymore 'free shit'.

Anonymous said...

Why do they all need FREE toys and FREE bicycles? Since their parents have enough money for crack, fake nails, fake hair and tall boy beers, they could buy their children and relatives gifts. One less fake nail session a month, one less tall boy a month. Put it aside. Oh, No, that's for white people, saving money be racist.

No doubt, many of the parents will be trading and selling those toys for crack or whatever they can get their hands on. Just like the bike helmet give aways in NYC. The majority of the people don't have bikes but they take the helmets to sell.

The organizer says every one is under stress. How could they possibly be under stress? They are getting free groceries, free meals, free clothes and free toys for their children. Where's the stress? Finding the time to go stand on lines for the free stuff?? Knowing in your heart you are a parasite?

The killer portion- the woman being interviewed, okay, not the fact she's wearing a SHOWER CAP under her hood, but her statement. They didn't have it organized right. She's blaming the volunteers and organizers for what one savage did. She's claiming the people who worked very hard to get free toys to her children are responsible for the violence. This is typical brain washing - blame some one else.

Ebonics has no word for thank you or gratitude. But 100 words for welfare checks or free money. and 5000 for racist.