Saturday, February 23, 2013

“Yes, This is War”: A “Texican” Reader Writes

[Re: “‘Yes, This is War.’ When Blacks Say It, Maybe Whites Should Take Them Seriously?”]

Great article. The same things you lived through happened in Dallas, Texas in the late sixties after schools were integrated. The violence, robberies and burglaries caused a massive amount of white flight. In the early sixties Dallas was not a bad place to be, as far as cities go. Now much of it is a nightmare. Later on, I made friends with a man who also lived there during those times, and he described it as hand-to-hand combat. We were lucky because there were very few guns. However, a huge black kid with a glass bottle could be rather hazardous.

Of course, this was never mentioned in the news, and those who never endured these dangers scoffed at those of us who did. Now we have the internet and it is finally coming to light.

Best of luck to you.


N.S.: My take is that those who never endured the racist violence were well-to-do, and were expressing their class hatred towards the working-class whites who suffered. The well-to-do transformed living in peace from a right due to all into an upper-middle-class privilege.

Thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the 1980's in Los Angeles during the crack wars. It wasn't just the blacks you had to watch out for, it was the Mexicans also.

It made me sick to watch white kids who were similarly pitted against these violent thugs in this insane social experiment constantly victimized and not willing to fight back.

I wasn't fortunate to get to attend a safer school, I was planted in an infamous school known for violence.

Not to brag but by high school the blacks crossed the street to avoid me. I learned where to sock these thick skulled apes where it made their bells ring and their bones break. That sort of self defense would make national news as a concocted "hate crime" now. Fortunately, I was able to clock my share of animals before that insane law came into being.

I could go on endlessly with tales of horror and triumph but here's the deal:

I am pissed that I had to go through that crap. I am livid at those who did and continue to push this diversity/multicultural bullshit on us all.

Funny thing is, the pushers of this societal poison always live as far from it as their money can afford them, and that's always at more than a safe distance.

I wish the lefty white traitorous fuckers who "celebrate" diversity with the savages on MLK day during the "Kingdom Day Parade(and what the fuck is it called Kingdom Day Parade for anyway?)would stick around for the festivities during the night along any, and I mean any, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in any city or town in the nation.

Now that I have kids, I will not tolerate allowing them to have to live amongst the savages.

I still remember that story a couple of years back about that moronic white woman who was out buying Christmas gifts for the poor ghetto children and got a shopping basket launched down on her from three floors up.

But you know what, I heard the moron woman holds no ill will for what happened. Apparently sense cannot be beaten into these lunatics.

PropagandistHacker said...

stix, i just got through reading your vdare column about how black racism has been promoted by the white establishment. And this is a common thread among your writing and much of the paleocon writing on vdare and other sites.

I agree with everything you said about this stuff, especially how the establishment, controlled by rich and powerful whites, encourages this racist mindset among blacks and how the establishment encourages whites to hate themselves and to allow blacks to denigrate them.

However....I find it very curious that neither you or the other paleocons ever do much exploration on the idea of WHY this occured.

Why is it that you paleocons are so disinterested in pursuing the CAUSES of this?

Why is it that you never seem to notice the benefits of this pro-minority/anti-white culture for the rich?

Why is that?

It's like you AVOID this aspect of it.

The anti-white, race-shame, pro-minority, pro-immigrant culture that is pushed by the establishment FAVORS the interests of the rich.

Why not talk about this? Why avoid it?

Chicago guy said...

He makes a very good point. People have had to uproot themselves and move all over in search of 'good' schools, 'good' neighborhoods. 'Good' usually means as far away from the black masses as possible although most people are too brainwashed and intimidated to actually come out and say it like that. But that's what it means.
All this amounts to a 'white tax' whereby one has to pay more and more to get away to 'good' areas. Thus one has to work harder and longer on the income treadmill to achieve this. Average types with modest incomes can't pay the ransom and so catch the brunt of this social engineering experiment. Their kids suffer as a result. I feel sorry for any white kid who ends up in a school with a large black presence.

Anonymous said...

The true story about what happened in the South Bronx during the late 60's and the early 70's was never truthfully reported as well.

It was a war zone. Pure Arson. The elderly in the South Bronx suffered the most - the ones with no family to help them get out - were brutally murdered. Shot down. Hit with baseball bats. Stabbed. Pushed off subway platforms to their deaths. Just never reported. Many died in their beds as their buildings were torched in the middle of the night.Never reported.

The niggers - the black panthers, on the payroll of the communist party - used to shoot guns at the firemen trying to respond to the fires. Many cops fought hard to protect the law-abiding from the criminals, but didn't get any support from city hall or police headquarters downtown.

Everything went up in flame : schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, homes, churches. Everything.

The churches -- the Catholic Churches -- were the very first places to be arsoned, before the arsonists got around to burning down the rest of the neighborhood. It was a sign that neighborhodd would be the next one to be burned down. It was satanic.Pure satanism.

My grandmother lived in the South Bronx. My parents got my grandmother out of the South Bronx, Thank God. 2 months after my grandmother escaped to safety, her building was torched to the ground.

Johnny Carson used to make jokes about the burning of the South Bronx on his teevee show. It's around the same the radio was playing "bad bad leroy brown".

May all those involved in burning down the South Bronx -- and all the people like Carson who joked about it, and the singer who gave us the song, "bad bad leroy brown" celebrating the burning -- go fuckin burn in hell unto eternity. Joe

jeigheff said...

Hi desert lady,

For what it's worth, I do not believe that Mr. Stix has deliberately avoided the subject of elitism, or benefits for the rich from the wickedness going on in our country, as far as I can tell. I've been reading here for some time.

Please take the time to read some of the older articles here. You might not see things through my eyes. But you might come to a different conclusion if you do some more reading.



PropagandistHacker said...

dude, I have been reading paleocons and other political writings on the net since there was a Net.
Do I think stix and the other paleocons avoid the fact that racial integration, white-hating culture, affirmative action are all primarily to benefit the rich?


Now admit it, stix. You come down hard on the leftists (who should actually be called fake-leftists (another issue you avoid), but you let the rich off the hook. You and Sailer et al try to make it seem like the rich are all liberals. They aint.

Liberals and conservatives are all robots in service of the rich.

And guess what? The paleocons are as well....

Nicholas said...

Desert lady,

You are obviously unfamiliar with my work.

PropagandistHacker said...

you lie.

I have been reading you and vdare etc for many years. MANY years.


Are you being paid off to avoid mentioning how racial integration and race spoils and white-hatred are all helping rich investors by increasing the supply of labor and fragmenting the unity of the workplace and the neighborhood and the electorate?

Are you being paid by some millionaire-funded think tank to divert attention from how this white-hating/minority-loving subculture is all about helping the rich?

Or you just too damn stupid to notice? Have you federalist paper #10. CAN you read it?

You say your neighborhood is working class. But zillow shows most homes there are worth over half a mill. Don't sound working class to me.