Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joe Biden: “Buy a Shotgun! Buy a Shotgun!”



[A warning shot out to Josh Blackman.]


Anonymous said...

1) Hey Joe, what happens if there's more than two thugs? It's common in Chicago to be swarmed by Black thugs; and considering how many misses NYC cops have when engaging suspects, how come your Secret Service Agents don't use two shot magazines?

2) I NEED an AR-15 when the Federales come. And when your Democratic Base comes out to demand MORE 'reparations.' That's why I have one anyway.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Left's mantra "Our bodies, our selves"? It had to do with women and their "right" to an abortion.

There needs to be a slogan for gun owners. Sounds like "Our guns for our selves."

PDK said...

Joe looks like he has been smoking pot.

Anonymous said...

Ok , Ok , Biden... I will . But it will be a semi auto that holds 7-8 rounds with a side saddle and etc , etc , happy now ?

It will go right next to my pump and two glocks ... actually i keep my guns in different locations around house , but you get the point .

Also what Biden said to do is somewhat illegal and could get you charged with an accidental homicide charge .

Anonymous said...

Safety tip Biden - if you are going to fire a warning shot shoot it in the ground or better yet buy a pump and rack a round in the chamber ... that racking sound is known world wide and you save ammo while getting one ready .

If you shot in the direction of a person you can be changed with attempted homicide - a warning shot goes in the ground .