Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Has Spree/Cop-Killer Christopher Dorner Murdered Yet Another Policeman?

By Nicholas Stix

My colleague David in TN has informed me that HLN reported one hour ago that one of the two fugitive apprehension team members that Dorner had wounded, died after being evacuated. If that report proves to be true, it would mean that Dorner has so far murdered two cops, two civilians, and wounded three cops. Between the blood he has shed, and the politically correct manifesto he wrote, whatever else should happen, thanks to the evil MSM, he is assured of the notoriety he clearly sought.

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Anonymous said...

According to the Fox News Channel, the other man shot has undergone major surgery but is expected to survive.

By the way, according to a report I saw (which is not confirmed)the two men shot today were not deputy sheriffs. They were game wardens.

David In TN