Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doomed by Diversity: A Florida Reader Writes about the Murder of Eve Carson



[Re: “Doomed by Diversity: the Murder of Eve Carson.”]

Thanks for the interesting article on VDARE. What happened is truly horrible, but just like I think it would be okay if drunk drivers only killed themselves (but they don't), if liberals policies only affected them, so what?
As Carson was being raped and murdered, she was truly reaping the fruits of
her “left wing activism.”

[N.S.: I have to apologize to my reader. He sent this letter on May 19, but I just found it, looking for something else. Doesn’t life always work that way?]

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Unknown said...

Nicholas: Did you see thr NYT picec that Daniel Grernfield writes? (yes he's a neocon but I'm glad he exposed this)