Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chandra Levy Murder: Killer’s Defense, Media, Go to Plan B


Murder and almost certainly rape victim, Chandra Levy. (After one year, it was impossible to test her skeletal remains for rape.)

Levy's convicted murderer, Ingmar Guandique 

Posted by Nicholas Stix


YouTube - Video produced by Pierre Kattar

Why does the female dunce in the video, “reporter” Sari Horwitz, say “someone” knocked Levy off the trail? We know who knocked her off the trail, and raped and murdered her— Salvadoran illegal alien Ingmar Guandique. A second time, Horwitz also suggests that Guandique was not the killer (“Guandique [putting her hands in the air], or somebody else…”).

Is she insinuating that Guandique was a patsy, and the real killer was, say, a Generic White Devil? After all, if you’re a good racial socialist, and you’re looking to cast reasonable doubt on the illegal alien gangbanger cut-throat rapist-killer who actually committed the crime, and who had a history of laying in wait for white females at the very same spot in the very same park, you’re certainly not going to divert attention onto another member of a protected class, be it an illegal alien rapist-murderer or a black American rapist-murderer. It’s got to be the great white whale.

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Chandra Levy Transcripts: Judge Orders Partial Documents Released In Intern's Murder Case
February 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — The public will soon learn more about the subject of sealed hearings in the Chandra Levy murder case.

Levy was a Washington intern whose 2001 slaying attracted attention because of her romantic relationship with a California congressman. Ingmar Guandique, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was convicted of her murder in 2010. But a judge has been holding sealed post-conviction hearings in recent weeks that could signal a problem with the prosecution.

After a 2 1/2-hour sealed proceeding on Thursday, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher said redacted, partial transcripts of hearings in December and January will be made available to the public and the media in about a week. A prosecutor said defense lawyers made assertions in those proceedings that the government does not agree with.

[“Assertions” are meaningless. Defense counselors routinely make wild, baseless assertions.]


Chicago guy said...

Never trust people with neck tattoos. You may be in the wrong place if there are a lot of people around with this particular type of marker.
I remember the media hounding Gary Condit endlessly, always hinting that he was the one behind her disappearance. They wanted it to be true because that would have been such a colorful story; secret girlfriends and killer congressmen. The truth turned out to disappoint them, however, since the real perpetrator was such a lowlife creep. They're always looking for the great white defendant.

Anonymous said...

The Chandra Levy case was the Big Story in the MSM for the summer of 2001 until the events of September 11 knocked it out of the news.

The reason? The MSM had talked themselves into believing Congressman Gary Condit was the killer. Condit seemed to be a Great White Defendant Tom Wolfe would have envied.

Nobody in the MSM wanted to admit that a young white woman going off by herself in an urban park can be raped and murdered by one (or more) of the Usual Suspects.

Even though the body was found a year later by a turtle dog in a spot not too far from the road, the D.C. police was too inept to find it. Had they done so, there could have been DNA evidence.

David In TN