Friday, February 08, 2013

And the Answer is: Rachel Corrie, Robert De Niro, and Boston Neo-Nazis

“Posted by Nicholas Stix

Kathy Shaidle provides the question.


Kathy Shaidle said...

Wow thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

De Niro sent expensive gifts to Whitney Houston trying to woo her away from Brown, but she boxed them all up and sent them back. At least she had a little sense about something. Maybe that's why his present black female split with him.

Anonymous said...

I was bitterly disappointed to see that Alan Rickman wrote and directed an admiring play about delusional Hamas wannabee Rachel Corrie. This goes beyond merely being funny: anyone, especially a Jew, who could conceive of admiring and honoring the "Palestinians" in any way, shape, or form is de facto an extremely sick and depraved individual. That an actor of his stature and most of the rest of the Hollywood crowd could support these deranged murderers is an absolute obscenity.