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‘We Have to Destroy California, in Order to Save It’

Schwarzenegger Opposes AND Supports Illegal Immigration
By Nicholas Stix
October 6, 2003
Toogood Reports/A Different Drummer

Unlike other politicians today and the media, who routinely refer to illegal immigrants as simply “immigrants,” California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger — who is favored to win Tuesday's recall election — actually calls them “illegal immigrants.” And unlike so many pols and scribes across the political spectrum, Schwarzenegger clearly declares, “Let me be clear: I do not support an amnesty program.” And unlike Democrat politicians, Schwarzenegger opposes issuing California drivers licenses to illegals.

By contrast, on September 5, in a secret ceremony reserved for Hispanics and the Hispanic media, desperate, Democrat California Gov. Gray Davis signed SB60, giving illegals the right to acquire California drivers licenses. Those California drivers licenses will also function as cards letting their bearers illegally vote, and illegally receive social services, including welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps. At his campaign web site, Schwarzenegger says, “As Governor I will: Work to repeal SB 60 as quickly as possible.” So, what´s not to like?

Well … the same candidate who claims to oppose issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, supports making all illegals, legal aliens. You heard right. He also calls on Washington to offset the costs of providing education, health care, and social services to illegals. “Deportation,” he tells us, “is not an option.”

Oh, but it is. The immigration policy alternative is, deportation or amnesty. Anyone who opposes deportation, by default favors amnesty, using whatever “deliberate disguises,” and stretched over however many years. If illegal immigrants are permitted to remain on American soil, they will all eventually be granted citizenship. That is the meaning of amnesty, euphemisms notwithstanding.

Let us be clear: Arnold Schwarzenegger supports an amnesty program.

(To those who suggest a third option of illegals returning to their homelands, applying for American citizenship the legal, old-fashioned way, and waiting for years to get to the front of the line, I say this. Anyone who holds U.S. law in contempt, meaning your typical illegal alien, who now makes demands of federal, state, and local government, will laugh at such a proposal. Such people believe that obeying the law is for losers. And so far, they´re right.)

I think that as in the case of with George W. Bush, an awful lot of people have underestimated Arnold Schwarzenegger. A man who can dissemble and equivocate with such virtuosity is a born politician. And he can even use honesty as an effective policy, when it suits him. Just look at his slick admission to, and apology for groping women on movie sets over the years, in response to the Los Angeles Times/Democrat Party´s 2003 October Surprise. I believe that Schwarzenegger had been planning on entering politics for many, many years. Like another successful California public figure, Schwarzenegger will prove, I believe, to be much more gifted as a politician than as an actor. But unlike that other public figure, it is much harder to unearth what, if anything, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes, and assuming he has any principles, whether he has the courage of his convictions.

And the foregoing goes for the national GOP, in spades. George W. Bush will likely win the 2004 election, for the same reason that Bill Clinton won two terms: Bush is a master politician, and like Clinton, once at the dance, refuses to dance with who brung him. Bush´s rejection of his own base, is the story of his party, as well. But the cynical centrism that George Bush can get away with, will not work for politicians who lack his unique combination of aristocratic lineage, the common touch, Evangelical faith, personal magnetism and foreign affairs patriotism.

As Steve Sailer has often pointed out, one of the GOP´s greatest weaknesses, is its apparent belief that some people´s (i.e., blacks and Hispanics´) votes are morally superior to other people´s (whites, and particularly, white men´s) votes. And so, Republicans pander to blacks, and especially, (Sailer speaks of “Hispandering”)* to Hispanics, while leaving their white base in the lurch. But the GOP´s chances at winning elections are entirely dependent on getting out the white vote, particularly, whites who usually don´t vote. GOP pandering to minorities only helps the Democrats, since those groups overwhelmingly vote Democrat (over 90% of blacks, and approximately 67% of Hispanics, in national elections). And the rejection of white voters implicit in such pandering to minorities, results in many white voters staying home on Election Day.

I fail to see how a Schwarzenegger governorship will improve California over Gray Davis´ governorship, or even the potential governorship of Democrat Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamente, a recall candidate and a founding member of the national socialist-like, racist Mexican group, Mecha. As Schwarzenegger´s True Lies co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, said approvingly, after his announcement that he would run as a Republican, Schwarzenegger is really a liberal Democrat.

And so it is, increasingly, with Republicans nationally, who unlike politicians of all stripes in our neighbor countries of Canada and Mexico, lack the backbone to say no to the illegal immigrants who are destroying America´s economy, system of law, and civilization. If Americans are to have a chance to save their nation from the elites who are busy sacrificing her, either a new political party, say, a Sovereignty Party, must be founded, or a wing within the Republican Party must arise and change the direction of the GOP, in either case, led by politicians such as Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo.

During the Vietnam War, after burning a village to the ground, an Army officer is supposed to have said, “We had to destroy the village, in order to save it.” Today’s GOP seems to be saying, "We have to destroy America, in order to save her."

[*P.S., February 18, 2013: Sailer says he got the phrase “Hispander” from Mickey Kaus.]

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