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“Clear Christopher Dorner's name”: Supporters of Dead Serial Killer Demonstrate at LAPD Headquarters

These are the people Christopher Dorner murdered, and about whom decent people are upset.

Dorner murder victim Monica Quan

Dorner murder victim Keith Lawrence; Quan and Lawrence were engaged

Christopher Dorner’s third murder victim: Riverside PD Officer Michael Crain, 34, “was shot to death Thursday while sitting in his patrol car”

The fourth and, let us pray, last person Dorner murdered: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremiah McKay

Posted by Nicholas Stix

I used to look down on people who would say, “These are the end times.” You know, Book of Revelations (Apocalypse) types, like The Boss. No more.

For we live in a time in which morality is upside down. Evil is good, and good is evil. But that is what it means to live in an age of “diversity.” “Diversity” is a euphemism for the embrace of evil.

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Christopher Dorner supporters demonstrate in front of LAPD headquarters
By Dana Bartholomew
February 16, 2013, 11:35:03 AM PST; GMTUpdated: 6:09:09 PM PST
February 17, 2013 2:9 [?] AM
Los Angeles Daily News

The protest signs across from LAPD headquarters Saturday read: "Clear Christopher Dorner's name," "RIP Habeas Corpus" and "Blue Code = Obstruction of Justice."

They were hoisted by dozens of demonstrators angered by the police response to the fired Los Angeles police officer accused of killing four people and wounding three others in a revenge rampage across Southern California.

Christopher Dorner, 33, of La Palma, died of a single gunshot wound, possibly self-inflicted, Tuesday as flames engulfed a Big Bear-area cabin, following a shootout with deputies.

"Burning people out is inhumane," said Michael Nam, 30, of Lomita, a Marine combat veteran who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. "For me, I'm not protesting against the department as a whole, but the way this certain case was handled."

[Is this guy really a combat veteran? He sounds more like an ACLU lawyer.]

The flash protest advertised on Facebook and other social media drew residents from across the Southland to the downtown police headquarters across from City Hall.

Most said they didn't condone the ex-cop's alleged murders - which included two cops, and the daughter of a cop and her fiance - in response to his 2008 police firing.

[Bull. If they didn’t support his murders, they wouldn’t have demonstrated on his behalf.]

They said they were angry at how the Los Angeles Police Department fired Dorner after he accused his training officer of kicking a mentally ill man. The LAPD, which has re-opened its investigation, justified its termination.

[He was caught lying. So, they support liars—or is it just serial-murdering liars “of color” that they support?]

They said they were upset over how police fired at two pickup trucks that resembled Dorner's, injuring an elderly newspaper woman. The LAPD immediately apologized for its show of force.

[Decent people are upset over how Christopher Dorner murdered four innocent people and wounded three others. Of course, these devils are “upset” that the cops accidentally shot innocents. But anyone the LAPD accidentally harmed in hunting Dorner, goes on Dorner’s tab.]

They said they were incensed by how police burned out Dorner, who'd been surrounded by legions of law enforcement. Police say they didn't intend to burn the cabin by employing pyrotechnic tear gas.

[In other words, the cops should have let Dorner keep on murdering cops and other innocents.]

The protest, which organizers had predicted would attract 800 people, actually managed to draw about 30. In response, the LAPD wrapped yellow tape around its headquarters.

James and Rosa Pedregon, who had read Dorner's manifesto, said he had a good case against his former employer.

[Liars. Dorner had no case against the LAPD.]

"We've been victims: Getting a bad rap at work, getting laid off without notice," said James Pedregon, 39, of Victorville. "What he did was wrong, but we have heart for why he did it."

[Pedregon is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Of course he supports what Dorner did.]

He said if the LAPD brass had bothered to investigate Dorner's claims, no one would have died as a result.

[Another lie. Of course, the LAPD investigated. That’s how they determined that Dorner had lied.]

"Dorner's trainer kicked a guy, they kicked it under the carpet," said Jeff Jones, 40, of Rancho Cucamonga. "The facts are in the documents."

[No, they didn’t. Dorner asserted that his training officer, Ofcr. Teresa Evans, had kicked the suspect, Mr. Gettler, twice in the collarbone, while they in an area with soil and bushes. Gettler was wearing a white shirt at the time, which had no scuff marks from an officer’s shoe or dirt in the collarbone region.]

Dina Escoto said she came to support the honest men and women in the LAPD - and to oppose any bad cops on the beat.

[Bollocks. If she really supported good cops, she would never have gone within a five-mile radius of a pro-Dorner demo. She supports killer cops of color.]

"There was some injustice toward Christopher Dorner," said Escoto, 47, of West Los Angeles, a native of Honduras. "I'm angry because the police didn't conduct a thorough investigation - this man wouldn't have gone on a rampage if he was wrong."

[Yeah, just like David Burke, Colin Ferguson, Brian Nichols, Charles Thornton, Omar Thornton, Shareef (Frank) Allman, Nkosi Thandiwe, et al.]

"I just think it's sad," added 13-year-old Michelle Alanis, of Los Angeles. "They burned his cabin and killed him."

[Stupid girl. It wasn’t even his cabin. He’d broken into it.]

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How right you are Nicholas. What an evil world we now live in where psychotic murderers are applauded.