Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Just Give Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy the “Kiss of Death”?

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Second City Cop tells us,

Mayor Rahm Emanuel gave Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy his “100 percent support” Monday despite complaints from some aldermen fed up with the department’s inability to bring down violence in their neighborhoods.

The mayor backed up his hand-picked superintendent during his first news conference since African-American aldermen said last week that their constituents are making louder demands that something be done to quash the epidemic of homicides that has drawn nationwide attention to Chicago….

[“The Kiss of Death,” Second City Cop, February 26, 2013.]

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Chicago guy said...

There's all these people that keep screaming that the police superintendent should 'do something' , but what it is that should be done is always vague and never clear. The whole problem is centered within the black population and their dysfunctions are what propels their violence. They imagine some white miracle worker is going to come along and magically make it all go away. Thats impossible, and any other superintendent is going to have the same problem.
Blacks have been complaining about the police and protest marching against them for years. They do not want the police around except as their servants whenever they have their stupid domestic altercations. They do not care about the homicide rate except when it affects them personally; it's just the black loudmouths who make noise about it.
The current superintendent is an embarrassing idiot when he makes speeches. But no matter who you bring in it'll be the same situation. The unemployable black underclass has to be managed in some way but nobody knows how.