Thursday, February 21, 2013

Advocates for and Against the Second Amendment Use Chicago as a Proving Ground

[The original story that is summarized below by KGET TV17 was much longer, but the editor who cut it down did an excellent job. The original version had quotes from advocates for both sides of the gun rights debate.

I had the story sitting on my pc for a week or so, but it was a low priority. Then I had problems with the machine, and had to repeatedly restart it, at which point the other media outlet had removed the story. The long-standing rule for AP stories is that outlets have to remove them after seven days, but many outlets ignore the rule. Or at least many used to ignore it. Apparently, more and more of them are following the rule now.

In any event, the notion that imposing ever more Draconian, unconstitutional limitations on gun ownership will help a city in which almost all of the firearm murders are committed with illegal firearms is insane, and/or moronic, and/or dishonest. My question is this: When blacks and Hispanics support gun-grabbing legislation, is it because they know that their people will ignore it, while whites permit themselves to be disarmed, or because they’re stupid?]

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Chicago takes leading role in national gun debate
By Don Babwin
February 1, 2013, 11:28 a.m.; updated 11:29 a.m.

CHICAGO (AP) — They are counting the dead from gunfire again in Chicago, a city awash in weapons despite having one of the strictest gun-control ordinances in the nation.

After a year in which Chicago's death toll climbed past 500, the bloodshed has continued in 2013 at a rate of more than one killing a day. It was the city's deadliest January in more than a decade.

The mounting losses have put President Barack Obama's hometown at the center of the intensifying national debate over guns, especially after the death this week of a 15-year-old drum majorette who had just returned from performing at Obama's inauguration.

Both gun-rights and gun-control advocates are seizing on the city's woes — one side to push for greater access to guns, the other to seek greater restrictions.


Chicago guy said...

Both the president and his wife came to Chicago on separate occasions to deliver solemn words regarding the ongoing unpleasantness. They, along with the mayor, governor and other politicians put on their long faces and pretend to agonize over the deaths of persons they never even knew existed. They all want to grab the high moral ground while the cameras are on.
The gun foe crusaders of all stripes are just engaging in magical thinking; wave the wand of a magic law and it will all go away. The reality many people don't want to face is that anybody who is willing to risk a 40-50 year prison term for homicide if caught is unlikely to care about breaking lesser laws. None of these shooters are legal gun owners to begin with. We've had prohibition before as well as now; drugs are illegal yet they come in by the trailer-load. Self-delusion, magical thinking, moral posturing, opportunism and dishonesty combined with the deliberate avoidance of mentioning certain taboo subjects just turns it all into one huge spectacle.

PDK said...

Liberal/democrats do not want our Founding Father's free enterprise Republic, they want a socialist democracy.

The gun problem with black people, the people with a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, simply affords an oppertunity to be seized. By pretending they think guns are the problem and not the blacks, and further pretending they can stop the gun violence by outlawing guns, they can then distroying the Constitution, which makes us a Republic in the first place, one step at a time.

The main reason for America's 2nd amendment is for protection from a tyrannical government such as King George the 3rds, or BHO's, capeesh?

Seceesion my friends, that's the ticket. Thank you.