Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baloo: Yes, We Can!



Visit the cartoon page of the incomparable Baloo here, and his gift page here.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another black serial rapist released by the revolving justice system door. I live in Portland and the Bethany area is basically all white, this guy may be the only black guy living in the area. Coincidence he's a rapist?

Another incident in the peaceful Pacific Northwest in a Gresham skating rink. This article is a little shifty, a more complete news item I saw indicated the employee was jumped by a group of teens (er..blacks) for committing the crime (against blacks) of breaking up a fight between a (black) boy and a girl.

Amazing in a town with a 6% population of blacks these type of incidents include blacks 60% of the time (totally unscientific calculation but still true). Jerry