Saturday, February 09, 2013

AOL: If We Can’t Cover Up Story of Black Spree Killer Christopher Dorner, Let’s at Least Play the (Race) Compassion Card

Dorner Murder victim Monica Quan

Murder victim Keith Lawrence
(I was unable to learn the name of the murdered police officer from the other ambush.)

By Nicholas Stix

The number one story currently at’s revolving moron fodder menu is on black spree murder suspect, Christopher Dorner. Here are AOL’s teasers:

“Ex-Cop Was ‘Sensitive’ and ‘Disturbed’

“While photos of Christopher Dorner look happy, they only now stress the complexities of a man who sees himself as a ‘real-life Rambo.’

“Awkward thing he once did on a first date”
Not exactly the way the pc service provider depicts white guys suspected of going on murder sprees.


Anonymous said...

The act of "running" makes Dorner very sympathetic to certain people, much like with O.J. Simpson.

I expect Dorner eventually to meekly surrender. As of Saturday evening, it looks like someone may be hiding him.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Charlie Beck: Another sycophantic, PC cracker in charge of a Big City police department.

"Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said he will re-examine the allegations of brutality and racism raised by suspect Christopher Dorner, who was fired from the LAPD."