Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why the Secret “Interview” with Trayvon Martin’s Secret Girlfriend is Bogus, and His Alleged Last Cell Phone Call is Insignificant


Trayvon Martin, l, and George Zimmerman

By Nicholas Stix

Everything about the role of this girl, as directed by the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, stinks. Now he claims that that the family had no idea that Trayvon was on the phone with her, until the father looked over the cell phone records three weeks later.

We’re supposed to believe that the father would wait three weeks to look over those records, and the lawyer wouldn’t have said anything about them?

We’re supposed to believe that the girlfriend never told the boy’s family that she was talking to him when he was shot?

We’re supposed to believe that Trayvon was talking on the phone to his girlfriend while beating the crap out of George Zimmerman?

Oops, Crump plumb “forgot” to mention that Trayvon had beaten the hell out of Zimmerman at the same time that he was supposedly on the phone with the girlfriend, and then denied that it ever happened.

And as far as I can see, the lawyer is using the girlfriend’s age as a pretext to manipulate the whole case: We must take her word, even though she will not speak publicly, and we don’t even know who the hell she is. (Listen to the children!) We must take her word, even though we don’t have her word, as opposed to the claims by the attorney as to what transpired during the call. We must take her word, because she has been so traumatized by her experience. And even if she does speak publicly, we have only her word (or the words written for her) for what happened.

There is no recording of this call. Supporters of Trayvon Martin insist, “The lawyer showed the phone records”! The lawyer did no such thing. He merely showed a part of a printed piece of paper saying “7:12” and some other unclear words. Crump asserts that the piece of paper is Trayvon Martin’s cell phone record, but Crump has told so many lies, and engaged in so many other acts, in order to deceive the public, such as keeping a seal on Trayvon’s school records, so no one can find out why he was “home” on either a five or 10-day suspension, at the time of his death, that I have no intention of talking his word for anything.

But let’s consider a hypothetical situation, in which Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend at 7:12 p.m., on February 26. So, what? How does his speaking on the cell phone with her one minute, precluded him from pummeling George Zimmerman the next? Not even Crump claims that the 6’3” “child” was holding the cell phone in his hand.

I think this whole “girlfriend story” was created as more emotional whitemail, in order to buttress the family’s lawsuit, demands for Zimmerman to be arrested “now!,” and to fuel the steamroller flattening George Zimmerman’s rights. This is an old black m.o.: Make lots of noise, and wail and gnash your teeth, as a form of intimidation. Many whites look at the spectacle, and either think that there must be some substance to such displays of emotion, or are intimidated. There is virtually never any substance to such theater, but the intimidation factor is real. ‘Give us our way, or we’ll riot!’ is the subtext. For almost 48 years, whites have been backing down, and submitting. They’ve about run out of run.

To my legions of black readers, who will scream, “What about the victim’s rights!?,” I say, under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, Trayvon Martin was not a crime victim. I suggest you concern yourselves with young blacks who really are crime victims.

And how about showing some concern for non-blacks who are the victims of black criminals, for a change? That way, you won’t look so transparently racist, when you rally around a dead black, not to mention all of the guilty-as-hell black criminals who have victimized whites, whom you routinely support, e.g., Mumia Abu-Jamal, Troy Davis, and the so-called Jena 6.

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“Arrest First, Investigate Later: Press Conference by Lawyer Benjamin Crump, of Trayvon Martin’s Family, Seeks Through Violation of Due Process… to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

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“USA Today: ‘In wake of black teen Trayvon Martin's death, USA is soul-searching’; McPaper Invokes Jena 6, Quotes Al Sharpton, Self-Described ‘ThugNiggaIntellectual’ Mark Neal, and Jena Attacker Theo Shaw as Moral Authorities.”]


Don Hart said...

Common sense sure doesn't enter into your reading of this situation. Zimmerman, was armed with a 9mm pistol. He is 250 lbs to Martin's 140. Zimmerman calls the police to report 'a real suspicious guy' who is 'just walking around looking about'. Police tell Zimmerman not to follow this person. He follows anyway. 3 witnesses state they heard a boy cry out for help before the gunfire. Yeah, 140 lb Martin, armed with Skittles and iced tea and on foot beats up 250 lb and armed Zimmerman who is in his truck.

jeigheff said...

Good morning, Don Hart.

It wouldn't be wise of me to unconditionally defend Mr. Zimmerman's actions. But I'm not going to defend Traylon Martin either, especially since Martin did attack and injure Zimmerman: that much is established.

All the media agitators (like the one I had the misfortune of seeing on TV yesterday) and agitated people (especially agitated blacks) in this country should settle down, see what real light can be shined on this case, and go from there. Zimmerman doesn't deserve to railroaded.

Say, while we're talking about common sense and justice here, can I ask you some questions that I asked another poster earlier?

What do you think, and how do you feel, about all the white victims of black crime? If you're a visitor to this site, then you've certainly know a little information about this, even if you just skimmed some headlines.

Please explain something to me. How come many people in this country don't get upset when mobs of blacks beat whites (sometimes to death) or when a thirteen-year-old white kid in Kansas City gets lit of fire by two older black teenagers? Where is the outrage about crimes like the Knoxville Horror? (Plenty of information about that here.) Don't these white victims and their loved ones deserve our grief, and don't their black attackers deserve our outrage and condemnation?

Why is your heart apparently dull to the amount of black-on-white crime going on in this country, but that you seem to be actually angry about the Martin-Zimmerman case?

If you return to this site and read these questions, I'd like to hear your response.

Anonymous said...

Who ever can write about Trayvon Martin not being a victim is a total ass!! The problem is you are a racist so you want to discuss what blacks have done to whites but this is the only way that you can get your true feelings out you spineless ignorant piece of crap!! You are not brave enough to say how you feel to an African AMerican because yes we will beat that ass for sure!!! Go get some smarts about yourself and then comment you sound dumb as ever. When you were born you probably came from your mom's shit hoe because you are worthless!!

Fayer Ness said...

I'm trying to keep an open mind about this and must therefore admit that you ask some very valid questions.

Unfortunately, these days it seems like every time a controversy erupts (which is about twice a day), people's opinions go to extremes and become inflexible.

What if the truth of this terrible case is actually somewhere in the middle?

I HATE to speculate wildly when all my information comes from the web ... but I'll risk it.

It seems a lot easier for most of us white people to sympathize witih Zimmerman's POV -- a guy trying to protect his neighborhood from mounting crime who might feel suspicious about young black guys for whatever reasons.

But it sure seems like he took it waaay too far -- a wanna-be cop with no formal connection to, or training from, Neighborhood Watch, out "patrolling" with a loaded gun in his pocket.

Now, even though it's probably a lot harder, try Trayvon Martin's POV: as a teen-aged African-American male in a crime-ridden area, it's VERY likely he (as well as his friends and family) have at some point been unfairly hassled by the police -- stopped for no reason, maybe even had to empty his pockets without cause? And in such cases, the cops are very seldom what you'd call "polite" about it.

Even though I'm white, I saw that happen first-hand -- once, while walking with two black friends in a nice area of a major city, two cops patrolling on foot stopped all 3 of us but they only asked to see my friends ID and only searched their pockets. I was told to stand back and not interfere.

It was humiliating, degrading and, above all, illegal -- but I was more upset than they were ! They were able to laugh it off -- "Happens all the time, man!"

Seeing it once made me sick. I can't imagine what a couple hundred years of it would do to my head.

So with THAT in mind ... ? You're walking home from 7-11 one night, it's raining, and out of the blue some guy who doesn't identify himself and has neither a badge nor a uniform suddenly yells "What are you doing here !?"

Isn't it possible you might get ticked off ? And if the guy persisted -- again, no badge in sight -- wouldn't that help it to escalate into a fight ?

But enough role-playing ...

The REAL problem here is that whatever transpired, Zimmerman took a human life but got off scott-free without even setting foot inside a courtroom.

The Sanford Police claim they investigated it thoroughly -- though it seems they missed the obscene racist term Zimmerman muttered during his 911 call -- and said it was self-defense. Case closed.

But isn't that what our courts are supposed to decide ?

And yeah, there's a lot of crime out there these days ... but while the case of the white guy set on fire by black guys may not have gotten much media coverage, did the black guys get off scott-free without even being tried in court ?

This comment is waaay too long so I'll wrap it up by saying:

We may never know what really happened that rainy night in Sanford ...

But any idiot should know that letting Zimmerman go free without even a trial is absolutely THE BEST WAY to fan the flames of racism in America.

There's no law that says everybody has to be all "Peace, Love and We are the world" toward each other.

But a little more fairness and a little less anger would sure be a step in the right direction.

Thanks for letting me spew on your blog. No offense to you or anyone else intended and I hope none taken.

jeigheff said...

Hi anonymous,

From your comments, I can tell you're very compassionate about other human beings, no matter what their racial background. You're obviously deeply concerned about justice and dignity for everyone in this country. Furthermore, you are way too smart to allow yourself to be agitated or manipulated by others, so that you become fixated by just one tragic criminal case, when there are many other crimes just as bad or worse committed in this nation every day.

All sarcasm aside, I HAVE met black people like you before, anonymous, face-to-face. (You are black, right?) And I don't intend to be caught off guard when it happens again.

You remind me of the vulgar young black girl I encountered at my local community college last fall. She cussed and threatened her teacher for no apparent reasons other than she has almost no self-control, and thinks that she can treat people like dirt without suffering consequences.

If all you can do is insult and threaten people who ask legitimate questions, then you prove that there is no hope of living side-by-side in peace with people like you, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

If Trayvon was threatened why was he on the phone with his girlfriend who was back home in Miami? Why did not Trayvon call 911...or if the girlfriend was worried about Trayvon why didn't she call Trayvon??? The news paints a slanted picture. Honest journalists print facts not create stories to inflame and cause trouble. George Zimmerman deserves the same fairness anyone accused of a crime is entitled to in our country.

ttyl said...

Has anyone seen the comments left on Mr. Martin's twitter account saying and I quote "@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA<<<<<yu ain't tell me yu swung on a bus driver" dated Feb. 21st (and yes, that was his twitter name) That would certainly explain a 10 day suspension and why he was at his fathers house.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dummy, not sure if you're aware but she is a minor - 16 years old - who gave a recorded affidavit and will likely testify before the grand jury. She asked to remain anonymous because she's probably traumatized as it is by the situation and doesn't want to be subject to the media scrutiny that is already plaguing this case.

What's NOT to believe? Do you really think that the attorney would put this on record and allow her to give a legally-binding affidavit without fact-checking that, at the very least, she was in fact on the phone with him at the time she reported? How stupid are you going to feel when the phone records are submitted into evidence? Or at that point will you just claim that his cell phone carrier is another supporter of the biased liberal media and manufactured the records?

By the way - Zimmerman's lawyer won't so much as say that a single photo or medical record exists to support his claims of being attacked. At least the Martin team is confident enough in its evidence that they are willing to speak to its existence.

By the way you heard the 911 calls right? The screaming of "No!!!" and "Help!!" is supposed to be Zimmerman? Um, OK. Armed with 50+ lbs on Trayvon plus a gun that makes your hero Zimmerman nothing short of a pu$$y.

I'm a 26 y/o white girl, 5'1" and weighing in at all of 113lbs and I'm no tough guy. The only way I can imagine myself screaming that way is if someone were pointing a gun at me. Tell me, how was Zimmerman able to get those long, uninterrupted bellowing pleas out while having his face smashed into the ground?

You're just another angry moron.

Anonymous said...

If you're african american,black ,negro or whatever you would choose to be called this week and you learn to unite and scream and yell to get your way by intimidation and burning and rioting then so be it ...Do it . those are the actions of uneducated ignorant people that can't deal with reason. In todays society ,and with the large populous of the above selection. You CAN and are heard without threatening those around you. Only stupid people really believe that they can and will get any RESPECT from acting like the savages they portray in these demonstration. You can bet that HIS death will be fully investigated,because of the big man in Washington,but I feel that whatever the outcome ,unless zimmerman is found at fault, the community screaming so loud WON'T BE SATISFIED. If there is undisputed proof of zimmerman being innocent the screaming will continue....This KID ,all 6'3" KID is not an angel...the photos of him at 12 are not the KID at 17. I'll bet ,when he was 12 he probably was an average kid but when life advances and pier pressure increases,you MUST BELONG. The school he attended is heavy GANG related. Don't try and tell the world that this buff, strong, good looking KID didn't belong somewhere. He had an image to live up to,or he would have been been eaten alive in the system. He openly bragged about bashing a bus driver just days before his death. Bash a bus driver,bash a rent a cop,you form a pattern and follow it . He didn't spend his spare time doing arts and crafts at the neighborhood Y M C A .Wrong place, wrong time, wrong victim. I'll bet that the assaulted bus driver will eventually step up and confirm a PATTERN. All of you GANGBANGERS, white ,brown,yellow and black BEWARE "we are now armed and dangerous." no more easy pickins.

Anonymous said...

Heeey , you You should read the interview before you post a fucking blog or what everr. I don't give a hell who you are but watchyour damn slef okay. How would you feel if you child i don't care if you had one was killed by a raist bitch who had no life ? would you go through his phone right away? hella naw you would be crying and shocked if your wouldn't than your a stupid parent.. hipe you get this. im just saying how wrong it is ! really. im a teen & im black, this scares the crap out of me.. i could be killed because of my color? man i taught u.s. changed, but i guess no.. i can't even do the pladge without laughing anymore because justice for all. where the justice for trayvon and yes his tall & big but so was george! Get your facts straight !! please

Anonymous said...

You are a racist

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that a black person stated they woudl beat your arse if you made those statements to his face. Just proves he is no better than George Zimmerman.

RealCracker said...

The fact is Trayvon got what he had coming! The blacks think they can run around commiting violent crimes and expect everyone to be scared of them! Do you know why it is that when they roit they burn down their own "hood"? Because if they came to a white "hood" they wouldn't last five minutes..... We would re-tar the streets with their punk ass dead black bodies! Stop complaining and go do what ya'll do best! (Kill each other off)

Jordan said...

Well aren't you a stereotype in the flesh! Haha I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel about this to your face! But then again I would be facing 2nd degree Murder charges right now too! You call others racist when obviously you are the racist! What's wrong? The man holding you down? Your a joke and when you pull the race card right off the back it just means you don't have a valid argument or answer! In my life I have learned many times over that a black man who carries himself like a badass is far from it...

Jordan said...

Once again you prove our point "but watch your damn self"? Is this a threat? Why would he need to watch himself for giving his point of veiw? The calls to violence by all these black people like the New Black Panthers just proves that y'all condone criminal activity as long as you aren't the victim! That "Man" holding you down is black now...