Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hate Crime in Palmdale, CA: CBS News Calls a 10-1 Attack “a Fight,” as Long as the 10 are Black

By Nicholas Stix

Apparently, the vic in this case is not a “white Hispanic,” and so the MSM will not try and get him murdered. And of course, he did not successfully defend himself. Successful self-defense by non-blacks against blacks is a big no-no among media ethics experts.

The attackers were all “boys,” mere “children.”

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7 Black Boys Accused of Hate Crime in Palmdale After Attack on Latino Teen
March 30, 2012, 4:38 p.m.
CBS Los Angeles

PALMDALE (CBS) — Authorities say they’ve taken seven black youths into custody on suspicion of attacking and severely injuring a Latino teenager as he walked home from school in Palmdale.

The fight [sic] happened March 14 about 4 p.m. near Cactus Middle School, the Los Angeles Times reported. [Should read: The mob attack was committed…]

According to a written report, the 15-year-old Latino boy was approached by up to 10 male black juveniles who challenged him to a fight. [How do 10 kids “challenge” one to a fight? Either the CBS “reporter” is lying, or whoever wrote the report is. This is like when a racist black starts cursing out a non-black for no reason on the street, beyond that the black is a foot taller, and the police say the attacker and vic “had a verbal dispute.”] They surrounded him and began punching him while several others watched, the report said.

The Latino boy reportedly fell as he tried to defend himself, and the suspects continued “punching and kicking him in the face and head,” the Times reported.

The boy eventually fled and had to be treated at a hospital for multiple kicks to his head and will have to have dental surgery to repair several teeth that he lost during the attack.

The Times said witnesses identified three of the suspects by March 23.

On Wednesday, detectives detained seven juveniles who were identified in a video of the assault, which was posted on a public website, according to the newspaper.

The suspects range in age from 13 to 16 years old and face charges of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury and committing a hate crime, the Times reported.

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Seven Boys Detained in Palmdale Hate Crime
The suspects are between 13 and 16 years old, police said.
By Samantha Tata
Saturday, Mar 31, 2012 | Updated 10:32 a.m. PDT
NBC Los Angeles

Seven African-American boys were arrested in connection with the beating of a Latino boy near Cactus Middle School in the 3200 block of East Avenue in Palmdale, Calif., on March 14, 2012. A video of the incident was posted on YouTube and subsequently taken down for evidence. KNBC4's Beverly White talks with Lt. Don Ford, of the Palmdale Sheriff's Station and concerned parents about the hate crime allegation.

Black Vs. Latino Beating Nets Arrests

Most of the suspects believed to be involved in a suspected Palmdale hate crime have been detained, according to police.

Seven suspects, ranging in age from 13 to 16, were identified as the attackers involved in a March 14 attack on a 15-year-old Latino boy as he was walking home from Cactus Intermediate School in the 3200 block of East Avenue. His wounds were not life-threatening.

Detectives discovered a video of the scene posted on YouTube, said Lt. Don Ford with Palmdale Sheriff's Station. The video has since been taken down and a copy is being used as evidence. [So, the key to breaking the case was the video that the attackers posted to Youtube. I’m not a Darwinist, but they sound like Darwin Award material, all the same.]

A group of up to 10 African-American boys challenged the boy to a fight [sic], surrounded him and then punched him while several others watched, police said.

[An earlier version read, "A group of up to 10 Black boys challenged the 15-year old to a fight, surrounded the victim and began punching him with several onlookers in the wings, police said," but I guess someone saw that the phrase “onlookers in the wings” didn’t work. Someone waiting in the wings isn’t an “onlooker,” but backup.]

The victim fell to the ground and the suspects continued punching and kicking him in the face and head before he was able to get on his feet and escape, police said.
Shoe impressions were left on the victim’s skin, police said. He was treated at a hospital for swelling caused by multiple kicks to the head and faces surgery to repair several teeth kicked out during the fight.

The suspects, all Palmdale residents, face felony charges of committing a hate crime and assault with force likely to cause great bodily harm, police said.

"There’s a lot of it going around here in Palmdale - blacks and Mexicans," said one Palmdale teen. "It’s too much."

Palmdale is one the cities that participates in the SHARE Tolerance program, which stands of Stop Hate and Respect Everyone.

Schools host presentations by sheriff's deputies on mitigating the hate and intolerance at the "root of many problems in Los Angeles County today," according to the program's website.

"Obviously, we will be redoubling those efforts to provide a safe environment for all the children here," Ford said.

[Thanks to my associates RC and David in TN for these stories.]


Anonymous said...

Yep, apparently the attackers posted the it on youtube. They were obviously proud of what they had done.

The Palmdale attack is gertting some play, possibly since it was LA County, maybe because the victim wasn't a "white" hispanic.

The Seneca, South Carolina beating had only two news stories on the internet, as far as I could tell.

David In TN

Anonymous said...,0,5710580.graphic

I wonder if this report is true or false?