Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Federale: Two Generations of a Yemeni Moslem Family’s Gaming of America’s Immigration System Backfires, Leaving Abdo Hizam a Man Without a Country,

but Don’t Worry, diabolus ex machina Obama Will Intervene
By Nicholas Stix

Another Fraudulent Method of Immigration
By Federale

The Newspaper of Record had a profile recently of a Yemeni citizen who was found to have been mistakingly recognized as an American citizen.  It is a typical story of Yemeni immigrants, at least those who don't come here to kill us all like the Lackawanna Six.

In this case, the much abused method of immigration is quite disturbing.  It is a roundabout way of gaining citizenship, without having to go through the immigration process.  Basically, an alien comes to the United States as a legal permanent resident, then obtains citizenship.  The newly naturalized alien then leaves the United States and usually starts living again in his country of origin.  It shows just how little immigrants think of their ties to the United States.  For them, citizenship is a just a passport of convenience.

NYT February 26, 2012 by Kirk Semple

Because U.S. Erred in ’90, Bronx Resident Becomes a Man Without a Country

[N.S.: Red flag #1: If this guy is getting the Treason Lobby Sob Story Treatment, much less from the New York Times, you know he’s dirty.]

Abdo Hizam says he has always tried to be a good American [Red flag #2; immigrant sob story cliché alert!]. Born in 1980 in a small village in Yemen to a Yemeni-American father [N.S.: Red flag #3! What is a Yemeni-American father, and why would his wife be giving birth to an “American citizen” in a small viallge in Yemen?], Mr. Hizam received an American passport through a law that provides citizenship to the children of Americans.

He moved to Dearborn, Mich. [red flag #4!], when he was 9 to live with his grandparents and embraced his new world [In Dearbornistan? #5] . He gave up his Yemeni citizenship. He graduated from high school and earned a business degree at a local college. He worked for years at a local restaurant, and he opened a small grocery store. Throughout, he rooted passionately for the Detroit Lions. [Red flag #6; another immigrant sob story cliché alert!]

But last year, his life was suddenly upended. The State Department told him that he had received his citizenship in error in 1990. The mistake had been no fault of his or his parents, officials said, but rather a bureaucratic blunder by the government [That’s a lie! His father screwed up, in his attempt to screw the system; #7].

[N.S. Alright, now take a barf break, and after you’ve puked your guts up over the Times’ invocation of the Detroit Lions in conjunction with Dearbornistan, washed your mouth out with water, and brushed your teeth, read the rest here.

This guy is, for my money, the hottest immigration writer out there right now. He has tremendous knowledge, and is on an incredible roll. Since he can’t appear in public and blow his cover, I’d advise him to write a book, but that could be just as dangerous. So, for now, all I can do is promote his work, and hope that my readers and everyone who sees hit, does likewise, so that he gets the sort of audience numbers and influence that his work deserves.]

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