Monday, March 12, 2012

Please and Thank You

By Nicholas Stix
May 26, 2006
Magic City Morning Star

“Do this! Do that! Hurry up!... There’s just no good help any more.”

Imagine you could go through life surrounded by indentured servants on whom you depended, yet to whom you never had to say “Please” or “Thank you.”

In the cartoon series, The Backyardigans, five imaginative little children turn a backyard into exotic locales. In “The Secret of the Nile,” set in ancient Egypt, “Princess Cleotasha” sings “I love being a princess,” because her “servants” (slaves) must be at her beck and call. As the servants tell us, in asides, “Princess Tasha never says ‘Please’ … or ‘Thank you.’”

When the Nile suddenly dries up, the Sphinx teaches Princess Tasha the secret of the Nile: You must always say “Please” and “Thank you.” When the princess finally shows gratitude to her servants, the Nile is replenished.

America today has millions of real-life Princess Tashas – but they haven’t been enlightened by the Sphinx. One wealthy seven-year-old tells his illegal immigrant nanny, “You are our slave!” A privileged six-year-old, herself a Chinese-born adoptee, tells her immigrant nanny, “I’m going to tell my mommy to fire you!” The Princess Tashas have picked up the attitude of their employer-criminal parents, who have come to believe that they are above the law.

Although you’d never know it from the feds’ refusal to enforce the law, knowingly hiring illegal immigrants is a crime. The parents of the princes and princesses are also guilty of tax evasion, for not withholding taxes for their illegal employees and not paying their portion of the employees’ taxes.

In one of the many stealth amnesties already in force, when an illegal is regularized (an “adjustment of status,” as per Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)), he has to pay all of the back taxes he owes, totaling thousands of dollars, plus a $1,000 fine. His former employers are never dunned for the back taxes, or forced to pay statutory fines, much less prosecuted.

If the government collected outstanding back taxes, fined, arrested and prosecuted such employer-criminals, our illegal immigrant problem would be reduced to manageable levels, with most of the unemployed illegals heading home – to the nations to whom they are loyal.

Many journalists and editors are longtime members of the employer-criminal class. They rely on illegal immigrants to clean their homes, raise their children (they consider child-rearing beneath them), cook their meals, mow their lawns, and walk their dogs. No wonder media folk choose not to report honestly on immigration, and seek to demonize those who respect America’s laws as “racists,” “nativists,” and “xenophobes.”

America’s upper classes – Left and Right alike – have used illegal immigrants to wage class war on the rest of America. The employer-criminals not only economically displace American workers, enrich themselves by paying illegals below-market wages and engaging in tax evasion, and pick working Americans’ pockets by forcing them to pay the cost of educating, giving medical treatment to, and jailing their illegal employees and the latter’s’ families, but the employer-criminals add insult to injury by demonizing the very people they are disenfranchising.

Indeed, in a social world in which one must always worry about being denounced for “racism,” white, working-class Americans constitute just about the only group that upper-middle and upper-class American criminals can disparage without worrying about who might overhear them. Oddly enough, millions of illegals have themselves become Princess Tashas, imitating their lawless employers. Across America, between late March and early May, over one million illegals marched, demanding citizenship while hoisting high Mexican flags, and turning American flags upside down, or burning them, and viciously assaulting Americans who disagreed with them. While announcing that their loyalty will always be to Mexico, they said that they are the “real” Americans, and that as part of their revanchist Reconquista, they will expel all white Americans.

And why shouldn’t illegals be arrogant? After all, their most powerful supporter dishonestly refers to them as “citizens.”

Mexico has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal immigrants; is America any less of a nation, or less deserving of respect?

Illegal immigration propagandists insist that the economy will collapse without illegals, but in fact it is only the criminal economy of employers of illegals that would collapse. Were the law enforced, employers would have to pay the sort of wages that they paid before they decided to cut them by half or more and disenfranchise the American working class. Americans would then return to those jobs.

The Federation of American Immigration Reform calculated that an amnesty and guest worker program would cost state and local governments $61.5 billion more per year in social services by 2010, bankrupting many of them.</a> And that was before President Bush presented, in his May 15 speech, his amnesty/guest worker plan, which would according to the analysis of the staff of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R, AL), let in over 200 million legal immigrants – several times more than FAIR had countenanced – over the next twenty years alone. And that’s still not counting the next tidal wave of illegals that Bush’s plan will encourage, if it is enacted.

Bear Stearns economists Robert Justich and Betty Ng have estimated that illegal immigration may already be costing the tax base $65 billion annually. And since most amnestied immigrants would be low-wage workers, they would ultimately pay no federal taxes or even get refunds via the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Since the ruling elites have no intention of damming up the flow of illegals, just as the three million illegals granted amnesty in 1986 begat the 20 million that now demand amnesty, these 20 million will beget yet another 50 million to 60 million in twenty years’ time. And that is without counting the millions of relatives of amnestied illegals who will come through chain migration.

America will face a revolutionary mix of ever-growing population pressure, declining wages, inflationary housing prices, inequality, interethnic strife, budget deficits and political instability.

America is a nation of immigrants, but not of illegal immigrants. And while demography may be destiny, a free nation chooses its own demography.

Thank you.

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jeigheff said...

Several years ago, I was a member of my wife's church, which I've since left. (I didn't give up on Christ, but I did join another church.) These words might bother a few folks, but one of the reasons I left the Methodist Church is because its supports open borders between America and the rest of the world. I should also mention that I live in Austin, Texas.

About six years ago, the man who was pastor at that time was trying to revitalize my old church. It was losing members and had gotten out of touch with the local neighborhood. My wife and I were part of a committee which was helping the pastor with the task reaching out to our neighborhood; the committee met monthly.

At one meeting, our pastor dropped something of a bombshell on us, concern future demographics. He shared some data with us, which indicated that Austin was going to get many tens of thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands?) of "Hispanics" in the near future, that they were all going to be Spanish speakers, and that our city and our neighborhood would be radically transformed. Therefore, how was our local church going to cope with all this and be welcoming to our brand new tens of thousands of Spanish-speaking neighbors?

At the time, I had some concern about illegals in the U.S. and knew that Austin had its share. But up to that point, I'd never heard anyone say that we were going to swamped. I also recall not liking the fact that our pastor was presenting this data in such a way that it was a done deal. We were going to get ten of thousands of new "neighbors" whether we liked it or not.

Believe it or not, I actually liked this particular pastor in many ways. But looking back, I can see that he was completely on board with the Methodist Church's liberal agenda, and that he was trying to sway us towards supporting that agenda.

If nothing else, at least one person had the guts to say, "They should learn English." I also once tried to speak with this pastor in private, but didn't get far.