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Irving, TX: Negro Mi-T-Fine Car Wash Mass/Serial Murderer Robert Wayne Harris, Killer of Perhaps 7, Condemned to Death, Despite Playing IQ (Race) Card


Mass/serial murderer Robert Wayne Harris holds his head high in this 2000 mug shot

Mass murdering psychopath Robert Wayne Harris killed at least six people, and left a seventh for dead. Defense attorney Lydia Brandt forgot to provide Harris with fake eyeglasses, in order to make him look like a scholar. I guess he’ll be appealing his sentence, on the basis of inadequate counsel. David Woo /DMN

Lydia M. V. Brandt vows to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, in her mission to thwart justice

Reader-researcher RC, who sent these stories writes,
Another worker testified he walked in on the scene as Harris was standing over the bodies of three victims. Harris told him there were three other bodies elsewhere. Harris then showed up at a store nearby where the frantic worker was calling 911 to report the carnage. Harris joined in the call and told the dispatcher he had gone to the car wash to talk to his manager after losing his job and discovered the bloody scene.
So, the takeaway from this story is that race is not a social construct, and that IQ can not only be measured, but is important.

My takeaway?

Don't dare talk about race, IQ, and violent crime.

* * *
By Nicholas Stix

On March 20, 2000, Robert Wayne Harris murdered former colleagues Rhoda Wheeler, 45, assistant manager Agustin Villasenor, 36, Benjamin Villasenor, 32 and Roberto Jimenez Jr., 15, and manager Dennis Lee, 48, at the Mi-T-Fine Car Wash, in Irving Texas. In addition to shooting Dennis Lee in the head, Harris slit his throat, as well. A sixth victim, Octavio Ramos, 36, whom Harris had shot in the head and left for dead, survived, but was left “with trouble walking and hearing loss in his left ear. The left side of his face is paralyzed.”

Harris also robbed the business of $4,000.

Harris had worked at Mi-T-Fine, where he had been fired three days earlier, for exposing himself to two female customers, for which he was arrested. But he saw himself as a victim, and sought revenge. Surprise, surprise.

Employee Jason Shields, 21, found Harris amidst the carnage; the latter claimed to have found the bodies that way. Harris then reached for a knife, presumably to murder Shields, as well, but the latter ran away.

Shields went to a nearby doughnut shop to call police, but the killer tracked him down. Shields pleaded with the workers to lock the front door, but they ignored him, and Harris entered, grabbed the phone from the terrified man, and calmly repeated his cover story to police. Harris claimed, initially, that he had gone to the car wash to try and get his job back. He then admitted to the killings, but claimed he responded to Agustin Villasenor’s having assaulted him.

On November 29, Harris had shot and murdered Sandra Estes Scott, 37.

I have not been able to find pictures of any of Harris’ victims.

At the time, Harris promiscuously confessed to everyone in sight—“police, his brother and at least one television reporter”—to the Mi-T-Fine murders, the Sandra Estes Scott murder, and even to a seventh murder, for which police were unable to find the body. And yet, he pleaded innocent during his murder trial.

Robert Wayne Harris has been a monster since childhood. His known criminal career began at 10, and he beat an aunt with a hammer at 15. The rest of what is officially known of his youthful mayhem is under seal. All we know about his adult history, besides these six murders and one attempted murder, is that he was convicted of three burglaries—under a plea bargain, to be sure—and served seven years in prison, during which time he terrorized guards and inmates alike. It was at most five months after his release that he began murdering people. In spite of spending most of his time in prison, just as an adult, he surely committed countless crimes that we will never learn about.

Harris’ Defense attorney Lydia Brandt vows to fight his execution all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. While in her function as a professional, trained liar, Brandt can doubtless simulate impassioned, principled objections to her client’s execution, I am not aware of any real objections based in the law or principle that she can muster in Harris’ defense. There is nothing unconstitutional or immoral about the death penalty. If anything, there is something immoral about expecting the taxpayer to support a mass/serial killer in style for up to 60 years in prison, to the tune of as much as $5 million, no counting court costs, which Brandt is doing everything in her power to inflate.

Brandt will likely explicitly play the race card, which she had so far done implicitly, under cover of IQ. The Supreme Court’s decision banning the death penalty for killers determined by the court to be mentally retarded was itself a racially motivated decision, since the majority of murderers in this country are black and by the standards for mental retardation applied to whites, as many as 50 percent of all black killers could be categorized as “mentally retarded.”

When defense attorneys want to save guilty-as-hell black killers from justice, today they typically take one or both of two tacks:

1. The killer had a horrific childhood;

2. The death penalty is racist.

Defense counsel makes such arguments, even if the killer did not have a horrible childhood, as in the case of Lemaricus Davidson in the Knoxville Horror case. In Harris’ case, we are supposed to believe that the strangulation-murder of his father and its direct and indirect consequences caused Harris to become a crime machine, including serial and mass murder. Well, in that case, what are we prosecuting him for, in the first place? Let’s just appoint him governor-for-life, and be done with it! (We can’t appoint him president-for-life, because that job’s already taken.)

As for the “racism” argument, it requires twisting logic and morality into a pretzel. We are told that “because” blacks get convicted of murder and sentenced to death more often than whites, that “proves” that the death penalty is racist. Actually, all it proves is that blacks have an astronomical proclivity for murder. If racism is in play, it is black racism, because black killers have a particular fondness for gruesomely killing whites, raping and killing them (males and females), and for killing two or more of them at a time.

An up-and-comer is the “crazy card” defense. More and more, we are seeing this ruse which, even when it fails to get the killer confined to a mental hospital, with the chance of being released to kill again, often succeeds—don’t ask me how—at getting the death penalty automatically taken off the table.

For further study of the extant case, see Harris’ file at Juan Ignacio Blanco’s Murderpedia.

* * *
Death Sentence in Car Wash Slayings
D A L L A S, Sept. 29, 2000
ABC News

A fired employee was sentenced to lethal injection today after being convicted of killing two former co-workers at an Irving car wash.

The Dallas County jury deliberated several hours before sentencing Robert Wayne Harris to death. He could have received life in prison.

Harris, 28, was found guilty Tuesday of two counts of capital murder in the deaths of Mi-T-Fine Car Wash employees cashier Rhoda Wheeler, 45, and assistant manager Augustin Villasenor, 36, in March.

Also killed were Villasenor’s brother, Benjamin Villasenor, 32; Roberto Jimenez Jr., 15; and 48-year-old car wash manager Dennis Lee. Harris was not tried for those three deaths, although he is charged in those slayings. He has also been charged in the unrelated death of an Irving woman.

The car wash workers were shot in the back of the head just three days after Harris was fired from the business.

‘Do What the Lord Tells You’

Harris has confessed to the killings several times, although he pleaded innocent when the trial began Monday.

On Thursday, defense psychiatrist Dr. Jay Crowder testified the 28-year-old Harris suffers from depression and anti-social behavior, which are compounded by a low IQ. Crowder also said Harris’ stutter was the result of Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by exaggerated tics.

Harris’ brother, William Harris, later testified about the pair’s difficult upbringing, including the violent death of their father, who was strangled.

William Harris, 30, was questioned about the capital punishment being considered against his brother.

“All that I would ask you to do, as Christian people, is that you do what the Lord tells you to do,” he told jurors.

* * *
Man condemned for Irving car wash shooting spree in 2000 loses appeal
Associated Press/The Dallas Morning News
13 March 2012 11:19 a.m.

HOUSTON (AP) — A Dallas man condemned for a shooting spree that left five people dead during a robbery at a suburban Dallas car wash has lost a federal court appeal, moving him a step closer to execution.

Robert Wayne Harris was convicted of two of the five slayings at the Mi-T-Fine Car Wash in Irving in March 2000. He had been fired from his job there a few days earlier for exposing himself to a female customer.

Attorneys for Harris told the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans he was mentally impaired, making him ineligible for execution under Supreme Court guidelines. The appeals court said there was no evidence to support his claim.

“Harris has offered no expert opinion that he is mentally retarded and no IQ score at 70 or below from a test taken prior to age 18,” a three-judge panel of the court wrote in a ruling posted late Monday.

Harris, 40, does not yet have an execution date.

His lawyer, Lydia Brandt, said Tuesday she would take the appeal to the Supreme Court.

A Dallas County jury deliberated 11 minutes in September 2000 before finding Harris guilty of killing Rhoda Wheeler, 46, and Agustin Villasenor, 36. The same jury decided three days later Harris should die.

Harris also was charged with capital murder but not tried for the slayings of the three others shot in the same attack.

A sixth employee at the car wash survived a gunshot wound to the head and testified how Harris forced him and two co-workers to kneel at gunpoint before they were shot with a semiautomatic handgun.

Another worker testified he walked in on the scene as Harris was standing over the bodies of three victims. Harris told him there were three other bodies elsewhere.
Harris then showed up at a store nearby where the frantic worker was calling 911 to report the carnage. Harris joined in the call and told the dispatcher he had gone to the car wash to talk to his manager after losing his job and discovered the bloody scene.

Harris was arrested the next day, hiding at a former girlfriend's house. The following day, he led police to the decomposing body of a woman who had been missing about four months.

During the punishment phase of his trial, prosecutors presented evidence showing Harris at age 15 was placed in a state school after attacking an aunt with a hammer. As an adult, he had three burglary convictions and spent most of his seven years in prison in administrative segregation, the Texas prison system's most restrictive custody. The car wash shootings occurred about nine months after he was released.

Prison records and testimony at his trial showed he repeatedly threatened officers, set fire to his cell and threatened and fought with other inmates. A defense psychiatrist described him as anti-social and suffering from depression [ha!] compounded by a low IQ. [If anyone should be "anti-social and suffer[ing] from depression" these days, it's folks with high IQs.]

* * *
[I thank reader-researcher RC, who sent me these stories, and reader-researcher AL, who wrote me about Harris and the latter’s Mi-T-Fine Car Wash Massacre a couple of years ago.

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