Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to Come?

By Nicholas Stix

The Internet ain’t all bad.

A very old friend just sent in the following joke, from his home in Eastern Europe. How old? Well, although he claims to be only 49, his hair has turned snow-white. Back in West Germany, when we first became friends, many annual 21st birthdays ago (for me), his hair was brown, like mine. And I had a lot more hair then, and weighed in at 120!

* * *

In the year 2020, the Indian Prime Minister, the King of Saudi Arabia, the President of Indonesia and the Prime Minister of China were in a discussion during a dinner party, that was overheard.

The discussion went like this:

The Indian Prime Minister: "India's fast growing heavy industries make us a large fortune . . . so we are thinking about buying Citibank and Bank of America!"

The King of Saudi Arabia: "The increase of world oil prices makes my country very wealthy and cash rich. We are thinking about buying General Motors and the Ford Motor Co.!"

The President of Indonesia: "Indonesia is a fabulously rich country . . . We intend to purchase Microsoft and Google!"

They then all waited for the Prime Minister of China to speak . . .

The Prime Minister of China drinks his green tea, refills the cup from the teapot and neatly puts it back on the table, takes another sip of his tea, looks at them in the eyes, and casually says . . .

"We are not selling."

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