Saturday, March 17, 2012

Federale on Immigration and the War on the English Language

By Nicholas Stix

Full disclosure: “Federale” is not one of my many pseudonyms. I say this because he’s a man after me own heart. Unlike Republican writers, who speak of “liberals,” he calls communists, “communists.” And unlike Republican and supposedly conservative writers, he recognize that men and women comprise different sees, not “genders,” which is a feminist construct.

How many times have I read this or that Republican blogger decry “political correctness,” while savaging English, as per feminists dicta, writing “they,” when referring to an individual? His sort of feminazi usage has even infected the post-E.B. White, fourth edition of The Elements of Style, which was destroyed by Roger Angell.

Words Have Gender
By Federale

People and animals have sex. That is what gender means. The left however in the tradition of 1984 has manipulated it so as to replace sex. It is an aspect of their power to change the meaning of words. The typical RINO falls in line. It is sad to see the stream of so-called conservatives use gender as they are instructed from the radical left, led by homosexual groups.

And speaking of homosexuals, they are at it again in the immigration arena. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency charged with ferreting out fraud during the application process for benefits, such as legal permanent residency, citizenship, refugee, and asylum status, has adopted the radical left's re-definition of words to suit not only the demands of homosexuals, but will be assisting and encouraging fraud in asylum and refugee applications....

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